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Can any of you musical geniuses (maybe tom or ed if they are reading) made me the Snow/Surface mashup?

It'll be pretty hard as the vocals are very different from the ones in the Actual Snow track than the ones in the Live.

Wish the Bros. would release this mix/mash up

Would love to hear this released. Maybe like a Live Versions album release with other unique mashups and renditions done in studio.

Someone put together a copy a long time ago for Krisper's wedding renewal ceremony cutting together parts from the Sydney 2011 bootleg and the studio versions, it was rough but sounded alright.

The Apple Music Fest 2015 recording is the next best thing - there's parts where the Snow vocals are sung over a very quiet instrumental and someone could isolate that and place it over the studio Surface to Air.

Yeah, that was probably me. I made a quick and really dirty (i.e. sloppy) edit. The cleanest vocals I could find back then were from the Moscow 2011 live set.

Maybe I should give it another go with those Apple vocals.. I've been wanting to get back into some "bedroom production" again for quite some time, maybe this is the right nudge :).


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