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A ton of new Tom Rowlands/Chemical Brothers titles registered at SACEM

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I was looking at the Sacem (French association where you register rights for any piece of music) and found the Life of Galileo soundtrack titles !

Galileo Finale
Horse Dawn (a link to Horsepower maybe ?)
Jupiter Theme
Mode 700
Moon Theme
Opening Galileo Them
Papal Disco (Given the title, could this be the Life of Galileo club track ?)
E Trade

Then I realised there was much more !

Boss on a Boa
Brothers Gonna B
DFunky Techno
Exit the Planet (could be Life of Galileo ?)
If Sequences
Mission Impossi
Page 8
Mind Response
Swift Justice
Ride Attack Blo
Palette Clenser
Take a Picture David Dallas - Take a Picture (samples Saturate)
Roadkill Whale - Roadkill (samples Three Little Birdies Down Beats I think ?)
Everyday of my life Ariel - Every day of my life. By the way, I never knew Matt Berry was part of Ariel
Heaven Ariel - Heaven

A lot of these are credited to Tom only, without any publisher, but some of these are both Tom and Ed (and sometimes more people), do you think some of these are future Chemical 9 tracks ?

EDIT: Direct links weren't working so I removed them

I just realised none of the links work.
Here are the search results

Good chemical spotting BenJ. Mr Enjoyed if you're reading this, where did you say would be a good (English language) place to check?
I haven't been through all of these but
Take a Picture
Is this:

Which I kinda tracked down by googling the song writers and ending up on Easy Song licensing. This site alas, doesn't seem to be as useful as I hoped in searching for Thomas Owen Mostyn Rowlands song listings. Unless I'm doing something wrong?

Mike Marsh's list still looks like THIS (see pp 9 & 10). So nothing new there then...

I'm suprised that the LoG opening theme and finale are listed separately, as I thought they were the same tune (unless Opening Theme means the funky thing they played before the play started?)

I like your suggestion on Papal Disco, Ben.

**EDIT** Ok, I can see BenJ has now edited his post to account for David Dallas' Take A Picture.
Some other thoughts:
What's: "Problems" ? Not on the above list (problem/question maybe?)
Payle is spelt Palye should have a No 2 after it.
Page 8 is Plage 8.
Slow Butt Grind is listed! I forget what this was released as, but I'm sure you all remember.
At the time of writing, Electro Funk isn't on the above list. Do we know what this is? If not, could it be Pumishers Erection Song (because that's basically an Electro track)?
Wiard Rush/ The Wizard Rush are both listed under the same track. I think this confirms what we suspected: Wiard is a typo of Wizard.
Ride Attack Blo sounds incomplete. Some of the other titles (of released tracks) seem a bit chopped up too. So I suspect there should be more after "Blo" (maybe Blob that's also on the list?). The same may be true of Brothers GonnaB and perhaps some others.

Wow! Very nice find.

The UK equivalent, I think, would be PRS - I've had to register tracks on there before release - and sometimes after.

I just did a search for Tom Rowlands. It lists a lot, but not everything they've ever released - as far as I can tell.

There are some entries that are described as 'Share owner being confirmed' and 'unnotified work' that appear to be newer additions. These include:

* AIR FRANCE VV - Just Tom
* BROTHERS GONNA WORK IT O - there are two other entries for Brothers Gonna Work It Out as well
* FINALE - Just Tom
* HYPER FOLK - Could this be Otter Rock?
* ICE BREAKER - Just Tom
* LOOKING DOWN THE BARREL - Tom produced a Tinie Tempah track!??!?
* NIKE WOMEN - possible commercial music?
* ROADKILL - With Carina Lena Soro & Gordon Campbell Cyrus?
* TRESPASS AGAINST US - pretty obvious
* WHITEMAN - With Steve (Dub) Jones
* WIZZARD - Again, confirmed?
Other ones of note:

* DANKA JANE - described as 'Film' and published by Twentieth Century Fox/Sony
* FREESTYLE FUNK WORKING - a fully documented work... Base 6 maybe?
* BE THAT THING - I'm sure these have been discussed and I just don't know what they are
* MANKIND THE STORY OF ALL OF US CUES - Another film? Published by Universal
* MIND RACING - listed 3 times with Steven (Dub) Thomas Jones as a writer and published by Acidas Music
* NIGHTWATCH - Didn't know Setting Sun was called this originally. Very cool.
A quick look through PPL (the place where the actual recording is registered - so lots of duplicates for tracks that are on multiple releases) brings up these potentially interesting finds:

* Asleep From Day [2003 Digital Remaster]
* Galaxy Bounce [2003 Digital Remaster] - there are a few more obvious tracks with remasters but I don't remember hearing about these album cuts
* k+d+b [Instrumental]
* Out Of Control [Orbital Mix] - that's not a secret remix by Orbital is it?
* Waterfall - 1996 on Zomba Productions?
* Wonders Of The Deep [Instrumental]
Oh, and Papal Disco is 100% the club track. The Church rock up in that scene so it makes complete sense.


--- Quote from: Enjoyed on Mar 09, 2018, 16:59 ---AIR FRANCE VV - Just Tom

--- End quote ---
Might be Asleep from Day for the old Michel Gondry commercial

--- Quote from: Enjoyed on Mar 09, 2018, 16:59 ---
* LOOKING DOWN THE BARREL - Tom produced a Tinie Tempah track!??!?
--- End quote ---
Yep, he did

--- Quote from: Enjoyed on Mar 09, 2018, 16:59 ---
* BE THAT THING - I'm sure these have been discussed and I just don't know what they are
--- End quote ---
It's an old track, from when they were still The Dust Brothers


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