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Started by Enjoyed, Mar 09, 2018, 23:11

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Quote from: shakermaker on Feb 18, 2024, 16:48

I'm curious about your comment though, "this podcast exists because they're trying to diminish her popularity". are you suggesting this is like a smear piece? or just that people are afraid of her influence?

Yes, and Yes.

Although, on the surface it's not exactly an effective smear piece, since I'm gonna go on the assumption a lot of black women still identify as Democrats or at least, lean left, and will reject/ignore just about anything Candace Owens touches/says.

That being said, Candace Owens is a seemingly, young, confident, successful, black woman, that regularly converses with extremely popular and influential right wing talking heads who generally are WHITE. Without overstepping too much, I would understand how being presented this information in the manor Candace has might convince black women, or really anyone struggling to identify themselves politically, to take this Taylor Swift fad as a danger to your beliefs or justice. Thus, maybe siding against the Swifty army.

Don't want to dig too deep into this...  just want to add that Taylor is also a, successful, young, confident, well-liked, blue-eyed, blonde haired, attractive (subjective), entertainer, singer, and most importantly NO KIDS and NOT MARRIED. The last two things are probably the most significant here, because it's the most identifiable thing she has with majority of her fans. Single minded females are absolute poison to the republican party. More of them voting or registering to vote is the exact opposite of what they want happening. Not only does this affect the general presidential election, but also the state, and local elections.

It's also my guess she'll balk at publicly endorsing a candidate. Unless, someone really crosses a line, I have to imagine she'll take the route of the guy in my avatar... "Republicans buy sneakers, too"

Quote from: Explud on Mar 22, 2024, 20:39

Just massively confusing and disappointing times, brother. I hope you and the ones close to you weren't affected by this tragedy. 

Reminds of what happens at Bataclan in Paris or during the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Such things should not happen.
no idea, no idea

Quote from: Csar on Apr 25, 2024, 19:41
atrocities it commits
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I was hoping that at least you weren't influenced by this propaganda. :(

Quote from: Csar on Apr 25, 2024, 19:41
And the fear alone for anyone involved to potentially end up as a bargaining chip (Brittney G. comes to mind)
It seems to me that this was generally a coordinated operation between the two special services.
She had previously worked in Russia for about 7 years, I think she was well aware of the entry restrictions. Something is not clean in this situation. This is an inappropriate example.
And yes, you can imagine that drugs and weapons is not allowed in our country.

So you think, all those bands and performers who have come to us anyway over the past 2 years, are they also a bargaining chip?

Quote from: Csar on Apr 25, 2024, 19:41
because of one man's idiocy would make me considering it twice before going there
Who are you talking about?
What kind of idiocy do you mean exactly?

Btw, about "atrocities it commits", your country also sponsors the killing of people, in case you didn't know.
Hi Kevin!


A lot of this fearmongering and "propaganda" is a result of massive disapproval of the war/invasion/occupancy of Ukraine. You can thank your leaders for this reputation.

I agree with you though, all our countries have blood on our hands in some fashion.

I think I offended him, because he hasn't been on the forum for almost a month.
He didn't reply to the email either.

I'm sorry guys.
Hi Kevin!

We're talking about Csar here, no? 
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

I don't see anything insulting in your post, I think you're ok. 
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

I hope that's not the case... 

If he's not around by the time the new Tom produced Aurora track is released, then I'm worried.

OK, so my country decided to elected a Nazi party as the second strongest party into the European Parliament. A party that wants to abolish the European Parliament and the EU. And they voted for this party with full intention and full awareness, not out of protest to teach the "old" parties a lesson. What is also interesting in this case is that most of the votes for this party came from the eastern part of the country (which was to be expected), and that they received a surprising high number of votes especially among the 16 to 24 year olds. My school days are long ago, but don't they teach history anymore? Luckily, this shitty organization didn't get as many votes in my town as the other parties. #fckafd
no idea, no idea

Quote from: Bosco on May 21, 2024, 02:31
I hope that's not the case...

If he's not around by the time the new Tom produced Aurora track is released, then I'm worried.
The time has already come, and he still does not visit the forum. ((
Hi Kevin!

Quote from: ThePumisher on Jun 10, 2024, 16:45
they received a surprising high number of votes especially among the 16 to 24 year olds. My school days are long ago, but don't they teach history anymore?
I'm just as shocked as you are about our election results, but I believe it's much more complicated than that. The AfD is much more sinister and strategic than people give it credit for, and it's terrifying that no one takes this threat seriously. They've perfected the art of targeting vulnerable, confused teens and young adults who are upset with how the world is right now and giving them a false sense of belonging and a false promise of creating a better future for them. While those individuals might not start out as right-wingers or conservatives even, they get sucked into their hateful beliefs eventually. A high school friend of mine went down that exact path - needless to say that I have cut her off. 

Other parties have failed to make political decisions that benefit young people in this country. They are overlooked in current day politics, not taken seriously, or just an afterthought right before an election. This can, and as we see, does radicalize people. While the AfD does not give two shits about young people, they are excellent at making it seem like they are. 

All other German parties, pardon my French from now on, need to get their shit together, and our good old Verfassungsschutz should finally get their asses to work and ban this fucking nazi collective before any more substantial damage is done. We cannot tolerate blatant nazi behavior, especially not with the history associated with this country. 
Oo-ee, bit wobbly on the old feet!

Befuddlement might be putting it mildly. This feels like a serious inflection point in what is already the wildest election season in history.

I was already scared for November, but this is an absolutely terrifying turn of events.

EDIT: Or it's just yet another inflection point and no bigger than Jan 6th? And the real change was something years ago that we'll only really be able to understand when and if this fucking madness ends. I don't know anymore.
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So I think the assassination attempt is obviously significant news and I'm definitely concerned about it. But when I take a step back, I am a bit surprised how uninterrupted everything was yesterday and today considering the magnitude of who the target was.

Either I'm chalking it up to it's the weekend/summer/vacation and nobody wants to be bothered, or the popularity of Donald Trump is maybe exaggerated? I try to remind myself that news networks enflame every fucking situation to create fear for views, and damnit, Donald Trump is great for business.

But I don't know, it just doesn't feel like a "where were you?" moment.

So the page turns... RNC in Milwaukee starts tomorrow. Trumpers are gonna be sky high off this martyr-esk jet fuel. Maybe turn the TV off and block news outlets on the internet for the next week or two and save yourself some anxiety.
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Some opnions that jumped out at me on social media - from Americans (I believe).
The first one -the video- takes about 30 seconds to hit top gear. Stick with it.

EDIT: One more
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Quote from: Bosco on Jul 15, 2024, 05:04
But I don't know, it just doesn't feel like a "where were you?" moment.
This is the scariest thing. My wife and I are looking at each other, reading the news like, holy shit. But either general consensus feels like it's less of a big deal, or people are too jaded at this point to engage in it as another discussion on... well everything.

A discord I'm part of very quickly took to posting memes about the event. Again, highlighting that sense of nobody really caring, or taking it seriously.

It's an unsettling feeling to say the least.

Definitely worth diving into Wolkenkrabber's post. This is a big deal. A worrying big deal as the events of this election cycle (and what is at stake) is unprecedented. What has happened leading the US up to this is unprecedented. It does not feel normal to me. 

I follow an U.S. historian Heather Cox Richardson. The historical context in which she frames current events (for discussions and her letters) are eye opening and informative. Sources are cited. A reasoned calm voice in a storm of speculation and misinformation. I would urge those States side to give her a follow (on FB) or subscribe to her substack. Here is an except was from her letter after the assassination attempt.

'In the confusion immediately after the shooting, MAGA Republicans blamed the Democrats for the violence. "Today is not just some isolated incident," Ohio senator J.D. Vance, who is in the running to be Trump's vice presidential pick, posted on social media. "The central premise of the Biden campaign is that President Donald Trump is an authoritarian fascist who must be stopped at all costs. That rhetoric led directly to President Trump's attempted assassination." Representative Mike Collins of Georgia called for a Republican district attorney to "immediately file charges against Joseph R. Biden for inciting an assassination." Indeed, he said, "Joe Biden sent the orders."  
Edward Luce of the Financial Times noted, "Almost any criticism of Trump is already being spun by Maga as an incitement to assassinate him. This is an Orwellian attempt to silence what remains of the effort to stop him from regaining power." Indeed, MAGA Republicans appear to be trying to stop discussion of their extremist plans— which are enormously unpopular— by claiming that such a discussion is polarizing. '
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

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