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Started by Enjoyed, Mar 09, 2018, 23:11

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Quote from: shakermaker on Feb 18, 2024, 16:48

I'm curious about your comment though, "this podcast exists because they're trying to diminish her popularity". are you suggesting this is like a smear piece? or just that people are afraid of her influence?

Yes, and Yes.

Although, on the surface it's not exactly an effective smear piece, since I'm gonna go on the assumption a lot of black women still identify as Democrats or at least, lean left, and will reject/ignore just about anything Candace Owens touches/says.

That being said, Candace Owens is a seemingly, young, confident, successful, black woman, that regularly converses with extremely popular and influential right wing talking heads who generally are WHITE. Without overstepping too much, I would understand how being presented this information in the manor Candace has might convince black women, or really anyone struggling to identify themselves politically, to take this Taylor Swift fad as a danger to your beliefs or justice. Thus, maybe siding against the Swifty army.

Don't want to dig too deep into this...  just want to add that Taylor is also a, successful, young, confident, well-liked, blue-eyed, blonde haired, attractive (subjective), entertainer, singer, and most importantly NO KIDS and NOT MARRIED. The last two things are probably the most significant here, because it's the most identifiable thing she has with majority of her fans. Single minded females are absolute poison to the republican party. More of them voting or registering to vote is the exact opposite of what they want happening. Not only does this affect the general presidential election, but also the state, and local elections.

It's also my guess she'll balk at publicly endorsing a candidate. Unless, someone really crosses a line, I have to imagine she'll take the route of the guy in my avatar... "Republicans buy sneakers, too"

Quote from: Explud on Mar 22, 2024, 20:39

Just massively confusing and disappointing times, brother. I hope you and the ones close to you weren't affected by this tragedy. 

Reminds of what happens at Bataclan in Paris or during the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Such things should not happen.
no idea, no idea

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