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2018/11/17 - Corona Capital, Mexico!!!!!!

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Chem Bros
New Order
Manic Street Preachers

Will be attending and will provide review in a timely* manner after attending.

For any others attending, let's meet up! I will be going w/ my GF and, though self sufficient, always enjoy company!

*time is relative

At work but I skimmed thru the website. Whats the price in us dollars for this event!

I got phase 2, today.

I purchased two 2-day passes with Will Call delivery, I paid $257.55. For a single 2-day pass my assumption would be around $140

Sunday has The Lemon Twigs

gotta see these guys

bumping because I'm gonna be bumping my booty to music at this thing

i will try to get pictures and videos of stuff


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