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History of changing setlists, rarities, and other unique features

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Remind me what tracks were uniquely featured during the 2011 tour. I'm looking at some of the setlists and they are all over the place.

I was at the Coachella show where we got denied Superflash, but we did get Three Little Dirty Down Beats, and a complete version of Don't Think.

I'm looking at some of the Mexican dates a few days prior to Coachella, and at the time I vaguely remember reading they were playing EBW6/Hoops, did that really happen?

An Australia date via setlist fm saying EBW4, really?

Three little dirty down beats was before HBHG, Don’t think was full song with ladder visuals

Yep, they played Hoops/EBW6

Also, Snow/Surface, Dissolve/Reel/Devil, Cherub Choir (if you will) after Superflash. And as it was technically a 2010/11 tour they also played Horse Power and Another World.

Despite what might say, every set was:

Intro - Tomorrow Never Knows (Junior Parker)
Another World
Do It Again / Get Yourself High Vox
Horse Power
Chemical Beats
Star Guitar
Three Little Birdies Down Beats
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Don't Think
Galactic Phase Shift Interlude
Out Of Control / Setting Sun
Chemical Rising
Escape Velocity / The Golden Path Vox
Acid Clown Cherub Choir
Leave Home / Galvanize Vox
Block Rockin Beats

For the first half of the year, they used Galvanize as the intro instead, cut Another World, did not do the Leave Home / Galvanize mashup, and used James Tenney's For Ann - Rising instead of their own synths for the Escape Velocity intro.

And for the few shows that had encores, it was always:

Snow / Surface To Air
Dissolve Interlude
The Private Psychedelic Reel (with Sympathy For The Devil)

Coachella was the only show that was different (cause of Kings of Leon), and it was the first set (w/ Galvanize intro), minus everything after Believe.

I could DEFINITELY be proven wrong here, but I don't know of any concert that had any surprises or changes from the normal setlist, beyond the standard synth improvisations.

What I recall is Galvanize was initially the opener after the pre-release shows for Further up until around Coachella, then for the remainder of the tour (including Fuji) threw in Another World.


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