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Please collaborate with Animal Collective (think about it)


I think The Chemical Brothers and Animal Collective could do something quite trippy and powerful together.

New album is very trippy....

After not understanding Animal Collective for years - hell yes, I'd be down.

I don't know how a collab with anyone in Animal Collective would go down though. Animal Collective is all about creating new, wild, amazing sound. Chems do the same but frame it in more of a rhythm heavy dancefloor / song style structure - and they typically always collaborate with people outside the realm of what they do as producers. They'd fill the same roles in studio.

Animal Collective (Chems Remix) or Chems (Animal Collective Remix) though...

They'd be better off collaborating with single members honestly.

A little like Daft Punk with Panda Bear. Maybe The Chems with Avey or Deakin? (I love Deakin's songwriting style, very colourful).

It would be interesting for sure, but I think both parties have such a defined sound that I wonder if either of them would really feel like the collaboration adds anything (to echo what WN said).

Incidentally, AC remixes are almost always done by single members too. The AC remix of Phoenix's 'Love Like A Sunset', for example, was a Deakin production and it's wonderful.

Deakin would be my choice


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