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Under rated Chems albums/tracks?

Started by Mippio, Sep 28, 2018, 16:25

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I'm with Pumisher on both CWU as AONO.

As for most underrated, I don't really like PTB as an album, although I love Believe, Hold Tight London, Close your eyes and Surface to Air, the b-sides of the PTB Era are great with Rize Up, Giant, Spring and Swiper! And 2 cd's and 2 vinyl with every single release. Wow!  :o

What i can say..
Most of The Chemical Brothers music is underrated these days...
Hi Kevin!

Underrated tracks for me:
Lost In The K Hole
Morning Lemon
Pills Won't Help You Now

Quote from: ThePumisher on Oct 07, 2018, 16:51

'nuff said. Topic can be closed.
If everyone keeps hating on Push the Button, it might be pushing my button :P
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Quote from: Csar on Oct 07, 2018, 21:59

If everyone keeps hating on Push the Button, it might be pushing my button :P

Ngl i think PTB is both overrated and underrated

It does have quite a bit of misses but has some of their greatest emotionally charged works and excellent bangers among the bad tracks!

(Believe, Come Inside, Surface To Air, Hold Tight London, Close Your Eyes, The Boxer for me).

Though many people do think of the not so good tracks with this album and it overshadows the tracks that really are good imo.
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Wide Open.
Any B-Side pre Surrender
Packet of Peace Remix (some people on youtube didn't know it was real XD )
Hoops (mainly EBW 6)

We are the Night
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