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Paris October 3, 2018

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Dear Chemical family,
Unfortunately I cannot attend the concert tomorrow night in Paris (Bercy). Very sad, because seeing them on stage 10-15 years ago was somewhat the best live experience of my life !!
2 tickets, category 1, looks well positioned... anyone interested ?? I’d rather leave them to real fans, I promise a very good price reduction :-)
Just get in touch directly with me and we’ll figure out how to manage it !

Hi, anyone got the setlist?
or a link to get it.
I did not get all of the tracks

Hi and welcome,androspoulos! I would assume it's the same as the day before in Amsterdam:

Okay here we go:

Got Glint at 54:49
Transition at (roughly) 59:16

The transition is so cool. @Ben_j I hear the Lethal Cut similarity in the acid line. That vocal chop part is so cool, I love how they repurpose so many elements from Wide Open and give them this wild disco attitude.

Also this new acid house version of Got Glint might be my favorite yet!

New Got Glint sounds good, but still love the playful "brown note" version.


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