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Chemical Merch at H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Started by instantreigen, Feb 26, 2024, 14:21

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Heya! My friend sent me a screenshot of an Instagram ad she got for a Hey Boy Hey Girl hoodie! It looks decent, and that price is unbeatable for a merch item. I ordered one and will report back on the quality once it's here.

Another person on the Discord discovered an Exit Planet Dust tee on Urban Outfitters. I'm really not the biggest fan of that business, but I caved in. That one just came in the mail today, and I gotta say so far it looks solid, but I'll need to see how that print holds up. Definitely size down if you don't like an oversized look.

I was surprised to see either of them on either site, and I was curious if you guys have seen new Chems merch out in the wild lately as well. 

Here's both items for reference:

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Oo-ee, bit wobbly on the old feet!

I feel like the hoodie especially would be a more affordable merch option for people who would otherwise have to deal with shipping costs and customs fees! 
Oo-ee, bit wobbly on the old feet!

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