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Hi Everyone! Debated on which subforum to put this in, so I'm putting it here.

Please report bugs/glitches, questions about how to do this-and-that, and things related to forum functionality here. That way we can try to keep things like this contained so info on what needs a'fixin can be found easily (and other people can chime in if they are having the same issue). :)

How to:

...embed video/audio: Just paste the link into your post.
...embed Tweets: Just paste the link into your post.

Krisper has successfully fixed the Soundcloud embedding issue. It's now possible to simply insert the soundcloud link into your posts to automatically embed them like other formats.

Nice! Thank you Krisper!!

Probably should dismiss the Blackface smiley...


--- Quote from: B on Jul 09, 2015, 22:18 ---Probably should dismiss the Blackface smiley...

--- End quote ---

Good call. The word is out to the admins. Not sure if we can disable the one smilie, or if we'd have to disable all and replace with a  different set of smilies - we shall see.

UPDATE: smilie disabled!


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