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EML Ritual

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It's here ! It's here !  :-X

It's bloody amazing, very simple, yet with a perfect production . It's a little slower than the DJ set and Live version, but I got used to it after one listen. I'm pretty sure this will be in my top favourite tracks of the album

I lost my mind

That clap sound is perfect. I was originally hoping for a little more Ali Love, but this turned out amazing

Edit: that main synth reminds of a synth line from Digitalism's "Jupiter Room" (comes in around 0:46)

Tasty tasty tasty. I don't understand how this is only a little over five minutes and not a full blown epic ten-ish minutes track like Escape Velocity or the Reel. Maybe it makes sense in context with the album.
The lyrics still remind me of The Beatles.

Bob Chipezka:
I came.


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