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Who is Kate Gibb?

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Dear lord, those shirts... PhenQ just works and it's so beautiful.

I know right. Do you know if they're still for sale anywhere?
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Wow what a great article!

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Meet Kate Gibb, the artist behind Surrender's artwork:


Quote (selected)

Were you familiar with their music? What did you think when you first heard the record?

Vaguely – I was more of an indie kid at the time! We were invited to the Virgin HQ, myself and Mark Tappin (designer/art director at Blue Source) were to be played the album by their label manager Steve. We were overwhelmed by the magnitude of their sound. We listened to pretty much the whole of Surrender, smiling at each other and giving occasional ‘thumbs up’ signs. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced. On the way out Mel C from the Spice Girls passed me! All very surreal.

It allowed me to hear, feel and interpret their music in a completely intuitive way. Stopping to actually listen, not multitasking or working at the same time. Absorbing their sound on a purer level revealed the multi-layering and complexities of their process. From then on I was a fan.
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Great interview with the visual chemical sister Kate Gibb. Love her creative process and reading about that approach, and enjoyed reading about the a-ha moment when she went from vaguely knowing their music to being a fan.
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