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lol, can I at least take that this as confirmation that you have seen it? :D

Edit: anyone catch the Val Kilmer doc on Amazon Prime? I'm not not huge fan or anything, but it's hard to see someone so passionate about acting in the state he currently he is in. Worth a watch, I think.

'Real Genius' is a fun gem of the 80's!

Sooo... Yesterday I've seen Dune for second time.
Do I need to say I really liked it?  🤩
I can't say what I like more - acting, cinematography, way it is directed or music.
Probably music, bloody thing gave me two hour goosebumps  ;D

I've never read Dune but I watched David Lynch's film for the first time in the past 5 or 6 years.
It didn't exactly blow me away. Indeed I've forgotten most of it. Nonetheless watching the new Dune, I was struck by how much of it did NOT make me say "oh yeah this is familiar". Sand and Spice are the only things really. I guess Villeneuve approcahed the source novel with fresh eyes and did his best to avoid the '84 version. Some might say this isn't a remake at all.

I was also struck by the similarities with Star Wars. I didn't realise until now that Dune was published in 1965. Watching Dune yesterday I thought: this has a LOT of similarities with Star Wars
e.g: SpoilerSandy Planets, Emperors, Giant sand worms, The Way (The Voice)/The Force, Bene Gesuit/Jedi, Spice, Sand Crawlers.[close]
So it turns out that Star Wars owes the debt to Dune rather than the other way around. But did I find this as entertaining as Star Wars? Nope.
Dune takes itself very seriously and at times the dialogue gets very nerdy-Sci-Fi.
I mean no one says anything like this in Dune:

I guess if you look at Villeneuve's other Sci Fi stuff like Arrival and BR2049, it tends to take itself quite seriously too. But maybe because I've seen Sting in a leather mankini in the '84 version, I wasn't prepared to take Dune 2021 that seriously.

Also the "part 1" of the title was kept pretty low key in the build up to Dune's release, wasn't it? Now we have to watch more of these things?
As a stand-alone film it didn't go far enough story-wise for me. "Tune in next week" to find out what happens next, eh?

Good visuals and a decent cast though.
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No Time To Die.
Dang I love a bond movie. Very satisfying end to the Craig era. It really had every thing it needed - the music, the action, the gadgets, the quips, story was compelling... just an all-round solid entry into the series. And that Paloma scene in Cuba was just brilliant.

Would love some recommendations for horror movies if anyone has any great ones they've seen recently?
We recently watched You Should Have Left, which was a decent premise but fell hard off a cliff of interest toward the end.
Same with Occulus. Started off great and largely held us throughout but just didn't bring it home in the way I hoped.

We have on our list:
The Wailing
The Lodge
The Night House
Saint Maud (wife said I may have to watch that one on my own)

Ideally looking for movies on the level of The VVitch (easily one of my favourite movies ever), The Ritual and The Haunting of Hill House (sadly Midnight Mass does not come close - another flat ending to a super interesting premise)


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