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2019 - Live at the Social (Sunday Social DJ Set)

Started by ThePumisher, Mar 26, 2019, 13:31

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The only 2 tracks that I was surprised did not get played out were Da Funk & Live Forever... seeing as they were such Albany anthems. But other than that, it was pure bliss

Dorian Lynskey (who intereviewd the Chems for Q Magazine) has done hs own Spotify list too now:


Looks like some of those rock songs included The Specials and Flowered Up.

Nice to see Boops by Sly & Robbie in there. Fun fact: the whistle melody on this track (2.30) is a famous piece of classical music. So famous I can't remember which one!

Bass, the final frontier.

is this all that exists in terms of recordings?

Quote from: Csar on April 15th, 2019, 09:33:24 AM

(3:52 for Chems)

P.S. @Csar , I had to reformat the copy and pasted quote that I pulled from 2019. Once pasted, it wouldn't format it in the way that you have it now in present day. I did my best to make it look neat/similar. I really don't care, I just figured I should mention in case you're worried about retrofitting or something
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I tried to reproduce what you described, Bosco, but was unable to do so. It worked for me. Maybe something went wrong.  Kudos to your diligence and the great lengths you went to with the linking .

The more important question is the one you posted above the YT link :)
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