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The Thread Of Nagging

Started by UltimatePelmeni, Apr 13, 2019, 21:17

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Ok, I have 1 nag. And it's only a nag because of how fucking great the album is.

So, for me, DYOH, Surrender and CWU all drastically altered my perception of what's possible with music. There were songs that just have no equal, and introduced me to new ways that music can be: TSU, Elektrobank, Star Guitar, Come With Us, TPPR etc. They're so unique, and explore the territory like it's been done again and again, but really Chems are the first to do it. Even some of PTB can be classified this way.

Now NG for me doesn't have those tracks. There's no redefining what's possible in it. It's a huge ask for an act that has shifted the landscape time and time again. And like I said, this is only a "nag" because the album is so great to begin with. This hasn't been a nag of mine with Further or BITE because they're not applicable to be judged in this way for me (though Further got close). This is only being thought of as a problem because the album is so so so close to being in the absolute top echelon of albums for me.

But still, the album is literally everything else that a classic Chems album should be for me, and more. I deeply connect with a lot of the tracks, and most of it still sounds fresh af. It is just that little bit behind DYOH, Surrender and CWU for me.

also the rave chord stabs are a little cheesy, but if anyone's allowed to use them whenever they want (even if the revival is pretty long in the tooth already), it's goddamn Tom and Ed

My login still works, bonus!

The album still hasn't clicked with me yet, am starting to grow ever-so-slightly concerned. I've been following the Chems long enough to know the only expectation one should have of a new album, is the unexpected. So when I first played it, I wasn't surprised that I didn't get it all. I knew it would take time. It just seems to be taking longer than any of the others. The singles grab me, in a genuinely excited way that I hadn't felt since EBW8/9, and I think that's why the album feels like a bit of a let-down. The other 6 songs just don't stand up as well.

The female vocals are annoying on the 4 tracks. I don't know if it's supposed to be a "psychedelic" thing, but the pitch and timing are all over the place, and the lyrics are a bit naff in places (no mystery or metaphor). Gravity Drops is just like a chillout version of Just Bang, in its minimal way. I grew to quite enjoy Just Bang, hopefully I'll grow to find beauty in Gravity Drops too.

I don't get the hype about the title track. I mean, it's ok, not bad. Not a patch on the singles though. To me, it's a bit of a softy, floaty without impact. I think it's got growth potential though, just needs time.

The last track is.. so far out there for the Chrns. Flashes of Further's weird, "uncomfortable" sounds, and lyrics that are more direct than they've had before, and it's uncomfortable. Again, waiting for growth on it.

Overall, I'm finding this their most challenging release so far. But I seem to be in the minority, which is a surprise. Just means I need to work harder I guess  :)

I've been listening to the new Essential Mix more. Its another one where they've given some of the tracks on the album they play some context and some background of where they were coming from with the song ideas.(and some killer acid tracks).

I still feel like my brain is telling me 'Brain full, no more' listening to the album though trying to appreciate it. Since half of it was released before it came out and the remaining didn't make an impact enough for me to listen to it in full like earlier albums.
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Just to follow up, I put the album on the dock this morning, and my son was dancing from the first riff, it was a joyous moment. It lifted my mood going into it, and it was like I was introducing it to him, with me being the seasoned veteran. Totally different listening perspective, more like background music while I got on with things and he grooved away. I've had melodies stuck in my head all day from the "other 6", a good sign. There's some good stuff on this album :)

I remember the feeling of doubt about an album before. Finding things jarring, feeling that tracks have been "ruined" by something, some element too "out there". Then I remembered in time, these just become part of the soundscape, and I see past them and love the track anyway (or sometimes love the thing that I initially hated)

This is a Chems album, and it WILL end up in the place in my mind they all end up, a special shelf just for their work where judgement ceases and they exist as equals overall. I doubt they'll even be a "skipper" on this album at that point, which can't be said for others. Maybe the last track, but I'll put the effort in and learn to love it

Hearing the DJ versions of EOD & Gotta keep on, 2 years ago, I was worried that the brothers took the daft punk route and ditched electronic for more disco theme.

and yes I also wish Here Come The Drums or Problem:Question get put on a re-release
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I concur with the track No Geography needing to be longer... That's why I did an extended mix myself. Slightly longer intro (from the end of Bango) extended bit in the middle and ending with a beat mixed with the outro ;)

Not sure the best way to share the mix, ie legalities etc

Hello by the way, long time chems fan, signed up long ago but never got around to posting much!

EDIT: Here is my aforementioned Extended Mix:

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