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The Universe Sent Me

Started by Csar, Apr 15, 2019, 20:26

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My god, I can't get enough of this effing emotional ride. This gets me to all sorts of imaginary places and pumps me up with energy from the stars. Aurora and the Chems are a dream match!
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Ditto! Quickly becoming one of the highlights for me

Hey! Stop cluttering the forum, there is a topic about this already here

Seriously though, pretty awesome track. A lot of great interesting and unique sounds. The bit  at 4:16ish reminds me of my youthful days while playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Ice Cap Zone anyone?

my favourite track on the new record
Eight or over.

I love this track. It's my favorite on the album right now.
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Quote from: whirlygirl on Apr 16, 2019, 03:36

I love this track. It's my favorite on the album right now.


I'm on this train too. When the final breakdown happens, I'm almost in tears. So many emotions.  :music
Can you imagine ..... an extra-terrestrial disc jockey? Like, listening to radio waves from space? It was unbelievable!

I am loving this track more and more. Maybe it is going to be my favourite title of No Geography.
I can't wait to experience it live with a nice build up.

First listen left me breathless.  <3   

I love this track!

But the Instrumental is the best!

Working with the wav from the LP download, I was able to remove the "I cave in" vocals from the intro, and partially remove it in the build-up. There might be a way to make a better instrumental mix than the "official one".

Actually, I've been messing around with the original mix and instrumental and I think I'll be able to get a full instrumental mix with the intro from the original mix, and without the "hm hm hm" vocal from the instrumental. AND I will be able to extract a rather clean acapella.
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I finished my instrumental mix ;D

"Bye Kevin" mix. Very good! Now where's that acapella?
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"Bye Kevin" mix. Very good! Now where's that acapella?
It has some parasite sounds, it's not very clean 🙁

I love this song. My favorite from the new album. And I'm grateful to the Chemical Brothers for letting me discover Aurora and her beautiful voice.

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