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Trying to keep a list of what's been put out so far. Post anything I've missed!


Eve of Destruction
No Geography
Got To Keep On
Gravity Drops
The Universe Sent Me
We've Got To Try
Free Yourself
Catch Me I'm Falling

Alternate Versions

Eve of Dubstruction
Got To Keep On (Extended Mix)
MAH (Electronic Battle Weapon Version)
Catch Me I'm Falling (Losing You Mix)

Instrumental Versions

Eve of Destruction (Instrumental)
The Universe Sent Me (Instrumental)
The Universe Sent Me (Alternate Essential Mix Instrumental)*
Catch Me I'm Falling (Instrumental)
Free Yourself (Instrumental)*

DJ Mix Tracks

Eve of Destruction (Early DJ Version)*
Got To Keep On (Early DJ Version)*
Gimme A Break [as Bonus Beats Orchestra, from Essential Mix]*
Drum Take 7 [as The Clapham Percussion Ensemble, from Essential Mix]*
EMS Slide [as The Clapham Synthesizer Ensemble, from BBC Moments Mix]*

Vinyl and Single Edits

Eve of Destruction (Single Version)
Free Yourself (Single Version)
Free Yourself (Radio Edit)
MAH (Single Version)
Eve of Destruction (3xLP unmixed)
Bango (3xLP unmixed)


Free Yourself (Paranoid London Remix)
Got To Keep On (Riton Extended Mix)
Got To Keep On (Riton Remix)
Got To Keep On (Midland Remix)
Eve of Destruction (KOKOKO! Remix)


We've Got To Try (WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX)
"Dirty Xylophone" [ID from 45 minutes into Essential Mix that is or isn't a Chems track]*

*not commercially released

Where can I get my ears around these instrumentals?

Still need to give the Essential Mix another listen. Is it confirmed Clapham Percussion Ensemble is T&E?


--- Quote from: Mumbo on Apr 15, 2019, 21:06 ---Where can I get my ears around these instrumentals?

--- End quote ---
Eve of Destruction, The Universe Sent Me, and Catch Me I'm Falling instrumentals are bonus downloads with the 3xLP version. I don't have a clue where the Free Yourself instrumental came from, probably originally available from non-public DJ music services / outlets.

--- Quote from: actionjackson780 on Apr 15, 2019, 21:26 ---Still need to give the Essential Mix another listen. Is it confirmed Clapham Percussion Ensemble is T&E?

--- End quote ---
It's gotta be


--- Quote from: WhiteNoise on Apr 15, 2019, 21:39 ---It's gotta be

--- End quote ---
I thought it was just gonna be me and MFC 83 banging the drum for Clapham Percussion Ensemble  (see what I did there? banging the drum?) No one else seemed too interested at first...

--- Quote from: WhiteNoise on Apr 15, 2019, 21:03 ---
We've Got To Try (Desert Island Disco teaser)*

*not commercially released

--- End quote ---
Well if you're gonna count that, then maybe you should count the EMS Slde by Clapham Synthesizer Ensemble from the Annie Mac Moments Mix...

Speaking of things on mixes, on the Essential mix, immediately before the instrumental of The Universe Sent me is "And Dance" by Sharif Laffrey. But the name seems to have changed slightly (on the BBC website), because when i copied the tracklist on to Notepad on Saturday, I copied the words:
"Rar vs Sharif Laffrey - And Dance x Arp Pulse x SP12 Cow Bell Decisions"

I don't have the imagination to come up with that myself (EDIT: Csar has that on his PDF too). If we remove the words "vs Sharif Laffrey - And Dance" we have: Rar ... Arp Pulse x SP12 Cow Bell Decisions.
There are indeed some cowbells coming in as the track toys with mixing into TUSM. I guess I could be getting a little anal here, and it depends on how far you want to take it. But I think you've probably covered all the important stuff WN.


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