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Russia - St. Petersburg 6 June, Moscow 7 June

Started by Explud, May 29, 2019, 23:05

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Quote from: Bosco on Jun 09, 2019, 20:15

That flare circle is crazy. I highly doubt something like that could be done successfully here in America. And if it did, I would imagine they would have shut the show down immediately as a safety risk.

Hats off to Russia for creating such a cool moment and maintaining their chill.

The part that gets to me is the coordination behind the act. They had to know Galvanize would play. They had to clear out the space amongst other patrons. They centered right in front of the stage.

Part of me thinks that this was coordinated by the production company assisting with the gig. The Greek show in LA was the first time that it was clear to me that a outsourced PA company from the LA area was used for the Balloons in Saturate.

Even with the part of cynicism...that's still a freaking cool effect. Props more if it was bunch of strong arm guys threatening punters in the crowd along the lines of "get of the way or we'll break your face...but it's for something really cool"
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
"We going up!" and then pogo for the stars
"why yes, yes you are crazy and I love you for it!" Whirly

Full Moscow show in decent quality
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Is it me or did they change the transition between Free Yourself and Chemical Beats? Sounds better here. Not 100% perfect, but much better than when they first started touring. Go is still a bland opener. Crowd looked a bit still during it. It's a shame they don't use the actual EBW6 synth riff and just stick mainly with the 4 on the floor beat and not much else. Dig Your Own Hole/Under The Influence is probably the highlight for me this tour like Snow/Surface To Air was the previous tour. The Chems should put out their own version of Justice's Woman Wordwide, an in studio live album/mash up/mix record.
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Digging into the memories and my phone memory, I discovered that I have several short videos that I have not yet published from my point of view:

The rest of the time that was not shoted, I was inside this action and danced like crazy, I'm sorry.
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