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I just got what I thought was the recent re-broadcast of Glasto 1997 in the Essential Mix, but was actually a broadcast from BBC6 Music, I think it's this one :

Although the description and announcer say it's a recording from Glasto 1997, the set is fairly different, and has a few cuts. For example, it starts with Dust Up Beats instead of Loops of Fury, the crazy part of Three Little Birdies Down Beats is much shorter, etc...
On the tracklist, it does list some tracks from Glasto 1996 AND 1997. Additionnaly I found this which says the recording is from Glastonbury 1996, which is plain impossible because there was no Glastonbury in 1996.

It is a 1997 recording for sure, since there are It doesn't matter, Elektrobank (named "Freestyle Funk" and sounding a bit different than other recordings), Setting Sun, etc... 
I'm very confused :|

BBC's got some wires crossed...

That is 100% a 1996 setlist for starters (despite there being no Glastonbury in 1996 so WTF?). They were playing Block Rockin Beats, It Doesn't Matter, Don't Stop The Rock, Elektrobank, and Setting Sun then. One way to tell is to listen to Setting Sun - if the percussion is the same as the studio version it's probably 1996, if it has the drum machine beats instead, it's 1997.

How does it compare to this?

PM me this!!

Another very weird thing is that they changed the order of the setlist. They put STTS and Don't Stop The Rock at the end after Chemical Beats, and you can clearly hear they were cut from earlier in the set.

I've listened to the preview clips and even those are messed up. for Best part of Breaking up is Prescription Beats, and "freestyle funk" is DYOH instead of Elektrobank.

the setlist doesn't add up considering I posted the full Glasto1997 on my archive:

did they play STTS with the voodoo people quote?

can you send me a PM of the recording?

it turns out what was broadcasted is not the glasto97 set but is actually a modified version of the brixton 96 set!
Several crowd noises (notably the whistlers during the transition from Dust Up Beats to loops) and the outro to elektrobank's stringer (or whatever synth it is) is identical to that of Brixton 96.
the only difference, besides the edits, is they included it doesn't matter (which is awesome), in replacement to several songs such as dig your own hole & prescription beats

tbh I'm not surprised considering they get song names wrong in Essential mixes


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