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This track is absolutely consuming me right now. For some reason it's taking me back to my childhood and I keep seeing mental images of over the top 80's Fantasy movies like Legend, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth.

time warp back to my childhood...

this is getting emotional...


I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. It's stunningly beautiful. It reminds me so much of early Spiritualized (which is near and dear to my heart) yet echoes the sleepier, dreamier, melodic side of the Chems.

I think I might have pinpointed some similarities

2:18  White noise guitar build :

2:52 (which just gets me every time):

Dropping that high pitched  Vangelis-esque synth on us.  Perhaps coming from a Yamaha cs-80 (Vangelis favorite)? I believe it was mention in a BITE article they used "antiquated" instruments/sounds/synths.  I don't know, this is totally over my head, I know very little in the technical aspect of music.

Just a completely enchanting track. Love it.

Now revisiting  early work of Spiritualized, thanks for that Whirly.

Tbh it sounds like it could've been in Further, probably after Swoon or something like that. It sounds very reminiscent of Snow and Wonders Of The Deep (not just because of Tom's vocals on the latter :3)

That CS-80, holy mother of love, this is a fecking monster! I love that sound. It Radiates analogue epicness! Just like the song :)


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