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Started by Ben_j, Jul 18, 2015, 00:45

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so since moving to the south I got into blue grass music ( yeah I know  super weird )

this artist Sarah Jarosz.. but its mixed with electronica as well and all the ex guys from XTC are fans?? ( even though I think she is in her 20's and from Texas) its a bit moody and dark as well.. she played a Month ago in South Carolina and it was pretty good (the electronica violin is pretty amazing)
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Spiritualized coming back to Chicago on my Birthday! YES!!!

Kool Keith (of the acclaimed Dr. Octagon shout out BOSCOOOOOO) bringing some xmas cheer. Bushwick Bill was also there. Juicy J may have been? Can someone look at the last pic and identify all on stage? It was a fucking weird night. Kool Keith did like 8 minutes of standup towards the end. It was genuinely both the worst standup, but I stayed for all of it. Still on the fence to this day about those 8 minutes.

i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm so sad guys... I traveled to Chile to see New Order for the first time. It was cancelled. The equipment didn't arrive from Mexico. I hope to see them one day  :( :(

They finally rescheduled the gig!!! I saw them on wednesday! AMAZING! a full energy show, with a very crazy crowd. I recorded a bunch of videos:

Looks like a blast! Bernard's vocals are so hit-and-miss from show to show, but who cares when you got everyone cheering and singing like that. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Last night I went to the Aurora show in Buenos Aires.  AMAZING.  It exceeded my expectations!  Her voice is very powerful and it's great on stage.  She is very humble and funny.  I think I had never been to a concert with so many emotions.

Just got home from Detroit.  Kinda shocking I had never been there before.  Did first day of Movement.  Wink was great, Soul Clap had me moving the little I saw of Disclosure's dj was hot, Wajatta was tits (awesome acid from John Tejada, great and hilarious vocals/general goofy fun from Reggie Watts).  Orbital blew my fucking mind.  Holy shit.  Only complaint was Seriously?  Nothing from InSides???  Then I went to the Soul Clap after party at TV Lounge.  Left at 6am, went to bed at 7am, fell asleep sometime after 9, checkout was 11.  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh

How would you grade the festival overall?

The closest I came to thinking of going to this fest was back when Kraftwerk played in 2016. I had already seen them twice and I foolishly thought they would make their way back to Chicago in the near future. Obviously was wrong on that...

While I would love to see the Chems headline at Movement, North America is due for a DJ set from the Bros (10 years since Coachella 2009). I feel like this festival would be a perfect landing for that.

A fucking plus, if you don't like good beer or don't mind spending $10 for a tall boy of bud light.  Mostly awesome crowd, a few people who don't know how to not invade personal space when walking through a crowd, but whatever.  That Soul Clap party was still banging when we left at 6am.  It went until noon.  A lot of those people were going all 3 days.  Detroit is just fucking crazy. 

Had a great time watching  New Order  headline on Sunday evening at BlueDot Festival , UK , they performed a powerful and vibrant set which included classics like Temptation , True Faith , The Perfect Kiss , Blue Monday ,  we got a lovely version of Your Silent Face ,  and they played 4 Joy Division songs  , . . She's Lost Control , Transmission , Atmosphere and Love will Tear us Apart which closed their set ,  impressive visuals throughout ,  epic.
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Just saw The Lips for the 10th time.  Was really hoping for either almost all of the gorgeously demented fairy tale of their new album or a shit ton of Priest Driven Ambulance (I like extremes), but settled for a wonderful (yet, short set) that gave me the feels.

Opening was Lennon Claypool Delirium.  Holy.  Shit.  They did Tomorrow Never Knows.

Saw Drugdealer last Tuesday

Got my vinyl signed toooo

Very fun band, I highly recommend them if they tour near you. Down a couple of beers and chill out!
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Prodigy people out there who live in the UK , there's a pretty good Prodigy tribute band called The Jilted Generation , i went to see them last night. They play tracks from every Prodigy album , nice and loud at small venues. They have a drummer on stage to compliment the pounding beats and baselines. The guy behind the decks / synths does actually look like Liam Howlett , the Keith Flint guy looks similar and dances alike , and the Maxim guy does a fair job on vocals. So you're hearing the actual Prodigy track and they're adding their own effects and obviously live vocal over the top , it works well , the crowd were into it , lots of dancing and moshing going on , i sweated buckets and loved it , probably attempted to dance like Leeroy Thornhill at some point too , lol.

My other recent gig was Pixies , absolutely fantastic , they played lots of tracks from their new album Beneath the Eyrie , as well as live favourites from Doolittle , Bossanova and Trompe le Monde. They're touring Europe now having done several gigs around the UK.

My final big concert of the year will be The Chemical Brothers in a couple of months , yessahh !!
" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

Just saw Mike Doughty do Soul Coughing's Ruby Vroom.  Soo fucking awesome.  Musically, sounded the same in some places, very different in others.  Awesome album, awesome show.

I'm not even going to bother describing the opening act.  Just go. 

Oh, and the girl who did the weird singing via pay phone and answering machine on "Janine" did that shit live.

The first concert I went to this year was Amanda Palmer in Vienna. Even though I don't listen to her music that often these days, seeing her playing live is always fun. Also, a few hours before the gig, she did a free open-air concert in the park right in front of the beautiful St. Charles Church.

The second show this year was Tim Minchin in Oxford. First time I ever saw him live, and he's absolutely hilarious. Let's hope he doesn't take another eight year break from touring :)

And now it's just about one month to go until the Chems shows in Birmingham and London  ;D

Just got back from a 5 hour drive to see The Cinematic Orchestra at Exit/In, Nashville.  As much as part of me was saddened by the lack of PC (aka Patrick Carpenter of DJ Food), they still absolutely fucking killed it.  Jazz for NOW.

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Just got back from a 5 hour drive to see The Cinematic Orchestra at Exit/In, Nashville.  As much as part of me was saddened by the lack of PC (aka Patrick Carpenter of DJ Food), they still absolutely fucking killed it.  Jazz for NOW.

I was wondering whether to go see them or not. I like the new album. It's not my favourite... Think it's worth checking out?

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I was wondering whether to go see them or not. I like the new album. It's not my favourite... Think it's worth checking out?


Quote from: Ben_j on Jul 18, 2015, 00:45

There was also Etienne De Crecy
Not a concert i've been to, but ARTE (french/german tv channel) has a full show of Etienne from last year in Paris on their website


Oh, and if the site or the video is region blocked, here's the direct link to the file


They also have some Hot Chip (https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/089151-007-A/hot-chip-bei-der-route-du-rock/) and a lot more
no idea, no idea

I attended my first online concert on Saturday. I've been watching a few broadcasts of bands playing in their rooms and what not (the Bob Moses Bobcast has been a lot of fun) but this was the first show I paid money for.

And, you'll all be incredibly pleased and excited to hear that it was a K-Pop group that I sat in my comfy seat at home and watched! Fourth of July? More like Fourth of (G)I-DLE  8)

(Video cuts out, probably to avoid some swift and painful copyright strikes)

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