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Started by Ben_j, Jul 18, 2015, 00:45

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Quote from: whirlygirl on Jan 11, 2024, 18:18
For those in the US, check Ride and the Charlatans - they are still touring here and the double bill is too good to miss out!
second this! it is a great tour and really revived my interest in the Charlatans.

Was back in DC for the first time in five years last week to visit friends. Every time when back, I make a point to see a random show at a DC / DMV area music venue. Went to to see Wild Party at DC9 last Sunday. DC9 is a cherished venue shows costing $15-20 for amazing low-mid level touring acts (seen Holy Fuck, Dungen there). The Wild Party sound was cheesy indie-rock pop...but it was really heartwarming and fun.

A key highlight was the final song (First Two Days With You). The singer went mid crowd with an acoustic guitar, told the house to kill the lights, and had everyone use their phone lights. I stood at the back marvelling at the raw voice and guitar surrounded by a solar system of lights. At the bridge, the rest of band on stage joined in with a hard section followed by a fade out to just a banjo and the acoustic guitar. It was a very intimate moment I've rarely felt in a "small" crowd (~150 people).

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That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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This weekend I went to Buenos Aires to Lollapalooza. I saw a lot of bands from my teenage years: Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, The Offspring. They were incredible, especially Limp Bizkit. I also saw Arcade Fire, Phoenix (twice because they did a sideshow), Jungle, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Dayglow among others. And lastly I saw Sza, Hozier and Sam Smith which I didn't like, a bit boring.

I went to "An Evening with Mike Doughty and Ghost of Vroom" on Tuesday.

The guy is such a phenomenal performer. They started off with some improvised jams, which I thought was going to be the entirety of the rest of the show - something I thought could possibly be the case and was content with (the rest of the band was very, very good) though wasn't necessarily over the moon about.

After three jams Mike stopped and said, "Let's play 'Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago".

As a kid who got into Soul Coughing way too late, I cannot express how lucky I feel to be able to see Mike, backed with a great band, playing their songs live. I adore the first two albums and it's so fucking cool to hear songs performed live by someone who, I would say, is at his very best at the moment in terms of musical skill. He seems to take his shows very seriously, while also bringing a lot of personality and charm to the stage (joking about playing the "fake last song" before they do the whole encore thing!).

If you're a fan and haven't seen him play, I would highly recommend. Every song of his, Soul Coughing's, and now Ghost of Vroom's, sound so clean and polished and ELECTRIC with the current line up he's playing with. It was a fantastic show and it's got me going back through his solo catalogue, and gearing up a read of his first book!

I'm going to see Mariza today, she is Portuguese singer of fado.
I also have ticket in my pocket for Nick Cave, in October.
I think Radiohead's bassist Colin Greenwood is supporting him on this tour. 
Beyond excited. 
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I went to see Orbital last month on their Green / Brown album tour , absolutely fantastic and the most value for money concert i've been to. They played each album through with a break in the middle then some newer material towards the end , so that amounted to about 3 hours of blissful energy driven tech - rave - acid - breaks - electro - dance music. The tour has gone down so well with Orbital fans i wouldn't be surprised if we get a Snivilisation / In Sides tour , here's hoping anyway.
    Last night i finally got to see a Daft Punk tribute , , ' Daft Funk ' , it was a really good experience and quite a polished performance , good mixes of all the songs and sounding great in the small venue , they both stepped down into the crowd at the end and posed for the occasional photo as they looked cool as ffkk with their Led helmets and monikered leather jackets.

    One more honourable mention , Hey Pixies , a Pixies tribute that do a brilliant job of recreating those awesome songs off Doolittle plus loads more , some off Bossanova etc , i've seen them a few times now , it's always great see them in a small bar / pub and hear them spark up and rip through the set.

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Quote from: Fine Time on May 12, 2024, 11:06
I went to see Orbital last month on their Green / Brown album tour , absolutely fantastic and the most value for money concert i've been to.
nice! I wish the tour would come near me but it's so unlikely. like the Chems, Orbital won't come to the US unless backed by a festival date or two. no other California dates happened around Coachella, and my hopes of them coming back for Portola appear to be dashed. glad you got to enjoy it!!

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