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UK Dates

Started by TeeDubyaE1, Jul 21, 2015, 20:32

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Any thoughts on when we might expect an announcement on standalone UK tour dates?

I suspect the guys need to keep quiet for now because of all their festival dates/contracts.

I can't wait to hear the new stuff live at a London show or two.

I suspect any standalone dates will be in January / February next year.

As for when they announce it, who knows! The 'norm' I guess would be toward the end of summer when festivals and things are winding down. So maybe the end of September? They could tell us whenever the hell they felt like though :)

Tom said there's no plans past December 2015 at the moment, but I can't imagine they'd (or we'd!) be satisfied with it ending after just a 2015 festival-only tour.

But I think there will be a gap before standalone dates are announced again.
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I would imagine a break after the december south american shows, both being family men im sure Tom and Ad (see what i did there?!) dont want to be away from home over xmas, plus putting together a different show for indoor gigs will take some time to finalise.
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Thanks guys. I can't wait to see the guys live again at a proper Chem Bros. show.

(Not that I've got anything against festivals mind)

In the past, they've played shows in the December after releasing an album
I really hope thgey d oa proper gig, with a full set. The hyde park gig a couple of years ago was great, but no encore  :(

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