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Hey everybody!

As you may or may not know, I am a huge Lego fan, and in 2011, to celebrate my first Chems concert, I decided to build a model of their stage setup.

Ever since they introduced the new synthesizer racks and George and Mildred, I wanted to also upgrade my model.

Well, it's finally finished:

The Chemical Brothers by Stefan Schindler, on Flickr

This time, I decided not to use brick-built synthesizers and had bricks custom printed for most of the gear, I think it really adds a lot of detail.
Huge thanks to Matt Cox, without his twitter feed I probably wouldn't have managed to build this.

Hope you like it, cheers  :)

PS: Somebody on twitter commented that I shoul've called the model "Superstar DJs, Here's LEGO!". My pun game is not strong enough to come up with this on my own.

Damn! That’s awesome!

This is huge! Awesome! :o ;)

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Great work Stefan

Methinks we need a Stefan/Smith/Lyall stop motion project  :P


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