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Got Glint / Catch Me I'm Falling

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Saturday at the O2 was my third time seeing the boys, and it was without a doubt the best. What I'm most interested / blown away by was the Got Glint & Catch Me I'm Falling medley they played. Honestly, with the visuals, it was something to behold. Are there any decent live recordings of that particular version they played on this tour floating online? I need to listen to it again!!

Saw this in another thread and was blown away.  Man, I NEED them to come to Chicago in 2020!

I think this one pretty much covers it:


--- Quote from: Champiness on Dec 05, 2019, 09:39 ---I think this one pretty much covers it:

--- End quote ---
Holy shit that transition from 4:00 onwards is so excellent!

I'd love to see them do bit's like this a bit more in places. Honestly the fact they've removed any trace of Believe from the current set makes me a little sad. I really liked it as the MAH outro, or Saturate outro... Feel like with Glint and CMIF they've done such a smooth job with it they should try a couple more bits like that.


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