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“Hey Boy Hey Girl” (Signed Prints)

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I didn't see this already posted here anywhere, but knowing me, I probably missed it.

Found on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/chemicalbrothers/comments/eemx8p/artwork_to_be_signed_by_tom_and_ed/

$280 :'(

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Hey guys!

I work for a non-profit called Soundwaves Art Foundation that has recently created this artwork from the sound waves of "Hey Boy Hey Girl," that will be signed by Tom and Ed next month.

50 of these prints will be sold to support the work of Nordoff Robbins, a UK based charity that provides music therapy to thousands of individuals.

Although they wont be signed and shipped until next month, these prints are available for pre-sale now, so I wanted to give y'all a heads up. Maybe they can be a belated Christmas present to yourself ...


You can find these prints on our website, here: https://soundwavesartfoundation.com/product/the-chemical-brothers-hey-boy-hey-girl-signed-prints/
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