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I'm from Oxford, UK and have followed the brothers since DYOH came out. Saw them perform at Reading Festival in 1999 and they destroyed the place, affirming my love for electronic music.
I can still remember hearing The Sunshine Underground for the first time.... Wow.

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Welcome you both! Glad you set your spacial controls to this observation point.
You wanna know my biggest disappointment for the live sets 2019? You wanna know? I tell you what my biggest disappointment is: I AM FUCKING NOT THERE!

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Welcome Shakermaker & Cbtje!

It's always cool to see the folks who've been lurking around get drawn into the conversation.
Are either of you going to be lucky enough to see the Brothers play this year?
Thanks! Yeah, got my tickets ready for their show in Belgium in August. Last time was in 2005 in Amsterdam and can't believe it's already that long ago.

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Glad you signed up! From reading your other post, I'm happy to see you had a great time at Bill Graham. I hope you were able to  meetup with some of the former Coachella board members. When I was searching for videos via Instagram, I saw some familiar faces pop up for the LA shrine show.

Here's hoping after the NY show this August, we won't have to wait 4-5 years for a return!

yeah we had a good crew, it's unfortunate you couldn't join us. :-) I'm not holding my breath for their return though. I am really tempted to go to NYC to catch them there, but it's too close to burning man... 2024 here we go!

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Keep in touch if you do decide on NYC. I got my eyes set on that date too!


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