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#timstwitterlisteningparty: A Social Media Conversation about 'Exit Planet Dust'

Started by Bosco, Apr 03, 2020, 18:49

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Think we need a new Chemical Friday where Chems & collaborators join in with us all listening to their discography. Each week, their next album. Next Friday, do Dig Your Own Hole and dig Noel Gallagher up. He can come back for Surrender the week after.  ;)

Need to keep this going thru these trying times.

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Apr 03, 2020, 19:39

For those interested, here's that Let it Slide (Hitting the Bottle Mix):
Is this an Dust/Chemical Remix?
no idea, no idea

I made a "spider" comment on the forum FB page relating to Playground back in February. Didn't realise I had been beaten to it by many years. Was hoping Tom would explain the "spider" sound...

To clarify, this was as much explanation as we got from Tom about how the track was made. I was hoping for a tiny bit more. But it does back up the previous "sampling off the TV" comments from the NME (I think) EPD interview at the time.

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Thoroughly enjoyed last night's listening party. Lookin forward to the next DYOH party.
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I couldn't follow this live, as friends made a remote game night on friday evening, but it's fun to read through the anecdotes and trivia even in retrospect.
Now looking forward to the DYOH event  :)

Quote from: ThePumisher on Apr 03, 2020, 20:42
In the Soundcloud descripton it says it was recorded on DAT. But the picture is of a regular cassette.
Did the absent (according to Mat, the uploader) Chemical tunes before "Boops" get edited out between the DAT and the Cassette? Or were they just not recorded at all?
If it was transferred from Robin Turner's DAT to cassette, Robin presumably has a better quality recording on the DAT.
Did Mat get confused and it was actually just recorded on a regular cassette?
It certainly doesn't sound high quality enough to be straight from DAT (via computer) to Soundcloud. Does it?

I've had a bash at the Tracklist. (Basing my timings on Pumisher's rip)
A number of tracks are either pitched up, or the tape is playing too fast, making shazam-ing kinda tricky.

00.00  Love Unlimited Orchestra: Strange Games And Things
03.55  Schoolly D: Gucci Time [added Dust/Chemical FX in intro, I think]
05.28  Schoolly D: Saturday Night
06.30-ish... Mantronix: Get Stupid, Part III [mixed with previous track]
12.02  Beastie Boys & Q Tip: Get It Together
15.40  DJ Nemesis: Riffin'
19.16  Armand van Helden: Hey Yah Hey [took me a while to get this!]
22.52  The Flip Squad presents Bobby J: Check Out The Style
26:36  ??                            ["lets get this party started"?]
27.54  [mix gap and then] Sly & Robbie: Boops
31.56  Prodigy: Voodoo People (Dust Bros remix)
36.47  Carlos (After Dark) Berrios: Doing It After Dark
39.52  Tim Love Lee - One Word
44.35  ??                         [gunshots sound familiar. Track used in other Chems mixes?]
50.33  ??
52.51  Coldcut: Beats & Pieces
54.42  Dust Brothers: Song To The Siren
59.17  Happy Mondays: WFL (Wrote For Luck, single version)
64.14  M/A/R/R/S: Pump UP The Volume
69.45  Manics: La Tristesse Durera (original)
73.41  Leftfield: Open Up (Dust Bros mix)
80.00  Flowered Up: Weekender
86.49  Dust Brothers: Chemical Beats
92.02  [couple of seconds of One Too Many Monings, then...] Love Unlimited: Under The Influence of Love
93.34  Ends/cut off

Fill in the blanks if you like.
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Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on Apr 05, 2020, 12:51
Did the absent (according to Mat, the uploader) Chemical tunes before "Boops" get edited out between the DAT and the Cassette? Or were they just not recorded at all?
So I'm guessing the turntables they were using fed into a DAT deck / receiver which then went to the PA - this makes sense for a lower budget system mid 90s. That DAT tape recording the set was stopped and removed from the tape deck so the new Chems tunes could be played, then reinserted and restarted once the set went back to the tables.

And probably Mat Flint took that DAT and transferred it to cassette at some point (for listening in more situations than you have a DAT player) and that's the recording we're hearing and pic we're seeing
Never for money, always for love.

Slightly off topic but Stephen Morris just wrapped up tweeting along to Power Corruption and Lies, and it's a wee bit adorable seeing Tom in the replies geeking and asking questions about the tech:
Never for money, always for love.

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