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Further is turning 10!! My favorite chems album!

Jeez, time is flying by so quick.

I love this album. Many future fans are gonna look back and say this is their best album, and I can't argue with that.

Further is perfect, from beginning to end.


--- Quote from: Stefan on Jun 14, 2020, 15:05 ---Further is perfect, from beginning to end.

--- End quote ---

I quite enjoyed Further. After Push The Button (which battles Born In The Echoes for last place in my top Chem Bros albums list) and We Are The Night (I actually quite like this album), Further gave me a bit of those classic Chem Bros vibes. But I do wish Escape Velocity was later in the album. I always felt its place as track 2 weird, especially with its length. It doesn't quite nail the build up from Snow, which I love Snow. :music It feels like one of those epic journey tracks that come much later in the album. I think it should've just from Snow into Another World. Or even better, Don't Think as track 2, which should have at least,been a regular album track, not just a bonus track. Wonders Of The Deep is a great closer, so Don't Think needs to be earlier in the album. As for Pourquoi, that feels more b-side/bonus track material and I'm cool leaving it off. I really wish they released an unmixed version of Further so I could've made my own tracklisting with Escape Velocity later. Oh, and I wish Horse Power didn't have those damn horse sounds. I feel weird driving in public and blasting Chemical Brothers, and people hearing the sounds of horses coming from my car. Would the non-animal noises instrumental of Horse Power just be called Power? :D


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