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drumbeat jim ingram sample from It Began In Afrika

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I am trying to find out how to get the spoken word sample for this cleared for use and the main info I found was it was used in "It began in Afrika" released by the ChemBros in 2001.

I'm hoping in the off chance that I can get some direction on how to find the copywrite owner or distribution owner.

Long shot I know but come on help a fella out  ;D

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Hi Pooks,

do I understand you correctly that you'd like to get licensing permission to use the sample commercially? At least your topic title suggests that you already know where the sample originates from.

If that's the case, discogs lists the publisher as Perks Music Inc. associated with BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.), the latter being the rights holder.
The Come With Us album credits Stax Records/ Fantasy Inc.for the sample, the former being mentioned on Discogs as the phonographic copyright holder.

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