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Another World - New Visual Experience?

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A new interview came out on F-Word mag interviewing Adam and Marcus about the live show and exhibition, it's all really interesting, but Adam seems to have announced something in it:


Quote (selected)
B.C: Please can you start a festival?

A.S: I would love to. Oddly I was thinking about that the other day. We are working on a very exciting project called Another World with The Chemical Brothers which is a creative dream come true. Details to follow soon. 

Could we finally be getting a new Chemical Brothers film??? (or am I too excited ;D)

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Since it came up in response to "festival" this might be an interactive / online music experience they're working on. I've been wondering why we haven't seen The Chems do much in the way of a virtual show or live stream and it's very in character for them to be secretly cooking up something unique along those lines.
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Oh, that does sound exciting. I'm all in for any kind of creative project by Adam and the guys.
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