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Dust Brothers / PSI-Q Network test pressing 12" - legit?

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I am curious to know whether anyone out there in the Chem Community has a copy of this and is it a legitimate pressing?


By all accounts it seems to be the real deal but would love to know a little more...

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The user who submitted it (PlantenBloomen) is an old user from the old forum here: BoywiththeGoldenEyes.
From his words:
Quote from: BoywiththeGoldenEyes
before putting out their own green label they had to do that one as a test pressing. as they didn't have the money to pay for a proper test pressing they shared the record with a (to me still unknown) drum'n'bass artist whose track is on b side (which is absolutely white labelled and just has the cat.-no. psiq001 etched in). i was really unsure whether it is real or not but many people told me that they made that test pressing before having the proper dbs333. in fact, earlier i thought, my dbs333 would be fake as it was one-sided only - i thought there was a supposed drum'n'bass track on b. but that was just on the test pressing. don't know how many copies of this have been made.
Quote from: BoywiththeGoldenEyes
don't think you'll ever find that kind of stuff on the internet... all you have to do to get another copy of this one: fond out where Tom or Ed live (if you have not already ;-) ), break into there, look for that record, take it, be happy. or you find out who the producer of that weird d'n'b track on B is (it's a little d'n'b, a little happy hardcore, a little early prodigy) and do the same with him X-D
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