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Your top 3 EBWs

Started by androidgeoff, Aug 08, 2015, 03:29

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Which EBW is your favorite?

EBW 1 (It Doesn't Matter)
EBW 2 (Don't Stop the Rock)
EBW 3 (Under the Influence)
EBW 4 (Freak of the Week)
EBW 5 (It Began in Africa)
EBW 6 (Pre Hoops Hoops)
EBW 7 (Acid Children)
EBW 8 (Saturate)
EBW 9 (Was there a name for this? IT SHALL BE CALLED "SENSATIONS")
EBW 10 (Midnight Madness)
EBW 11 (Sometimes I Feel So Deserted)

Quote from: toxic on Aug 29, 2015, 07:54
It doesn't... Matterrrrr
I just laughed so hard I feel like an idiot!
The devil is in the details

9, 5, 3
Just get yourself high.

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