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Live Shows in post-pandemic lockdown and potential expectations

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I see there is already some dates scheduled for 2021 and I have no clue if they are still gonna go forward with them.

Assuming artists get the green light to resume touring some time this year or the next, are we going to expect a typical Chemical Brothers tour? Is it possible that we see a sudden increase of touring from Tom and Ed to fill to make up for lost revenue? Do they even want to tour anymore under the current circumstances?

I don't know how the live music industry works, but if I'm reading it right I have to imagine competition will be pretty stiff once things get going again. Venues are closing, festivals are folding, and a bunch of hungry artist waiting to get back to work... passing on a potential gig could be costly, for some.

Honestly, can't figure out if it's a buyers market for venues/festivals, or sellers market for artists.


Does the fallout of pandemic, put them back in "grind" mode, or is it business as usual?

some other things to consider:

Does their live show get scaled down as a cost cutting measure?

Maybe the future of "live" shows is in the hands of Adam (Smith). Rather than actual touring, what about another multi-media project in the works that conveys a live experience?

The Sims: 'Don't Think' Edition?

A problem with many venues is that they were in danger to begin with, even before coronavirus. The real estate that venues take up can usually be used for housing and retail more profitably, and regrettably profits are what's number one. So without bailouts, we're going to see a lot of historic venues never open again. And this is gonna mean less places to play for an absolute logjam of artists looking to tour a years worth of records.

And the vibe of a concert is going to be weird this year. Fauci covered this recently, even this upcoming summer it's expected that masks and proper ventilation are going to be a necessity at live events, it will not feel the same until COVID has for the most part passed on.

I don't see the Chems scaling back the production because of the sunk cost of equipment. They're gonna keep touring with everything and keep it big. The alternative is leaving all the lasers, big screens, and George + Mildred in a storage closet (or selling it, which would also be a little bit of a waste - anyone want a pair of giant robots? slightly used!)

Personally I think a scaled down tour with less reliance on massive production values has a lot of creative opportunity for more unpredictable live sets. It genuinely always sounds amazing when they're forced to improvise heavily in a live set. But I've been saying that since like 2015 and there's no indication they'll do that, Tom and Ed are perfectionists more than they are improvisers and I'm sure they'd disagree with me loving their improv. So I'll be looking forward to the next big room set with a nice "Dig Your Own Hole / Hoops / GUOILT" style wink to the hardcore fans somewhere in it.

Still waiting on that online "Another World" project they've hinted at!!

thanks for a response, Whitenoise.

--- Quote from: WhiteNoise on Jan 21, 2021, 01:42 ---Still waiting on that online "Another World" project they've hinted at!!

--- End quote ---

I don't seem to remember this being mentioned. Is there a link or quote you can provide?


--- Quote from: Bosco on Jan 21, 2021, 07:11 ---thanks for a response, Whitenoise.

I don't seem to remember this being mentioned. Is there a link or quote you can provide?

--- End quote ---

I posted a thread on it back in September! Under the assumption we would've gotten news on it sooner lol

--- Quote from: hstn on Sep 18, 2020, 20:27 ---A new interview came out on F-Word mag interviewing Adam and Marcus about the live show and exhibition, it's all really interesting, but Adam seems to have announced something in it:

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--- Quote (selected) ---B.C: Please can you start a festival?

A.S: I would love to. Oddly I was thinking about that the other day. We are working on a very exciting project called Another World with The Chemical Brothers which is a creative dream come true. Details to follow soon. 
--- End quote ---

There was a post smithandlyall made too with the hashtag #anotherworld and an image of a costume that was left out of Keep On that seems to hint it may relate to an at home visual show


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