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Come With Us (XDUST5)

Started by ThePumisher, Jan 28, 2021, 17:19

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Favourite track from the CWU era

Come With Us
It Began In Afrika
Galaxy Bounce
Star Guitar
My Elastic Eye
The State We're In (with Beth Orton)
Pioneer Skies
The Test (with Richard Ashcroft)
Base 6
Hot Acid Rhythm 1
The Duke
Hey all! Just wanted to let y'all know in a few hours we're gonna do a listening party for Come With Us' 21st Anniversary over on Discord along with B-sides and remixes! Instantreigen and I started the Piku Playground fan server in hopes of bringing together more of the younger chemical siblings in tandem with the forum. We've already done a good amount of listening parties for other albums too! We'll see you there! 
Join here:
More info below:
And I feel like I'm dreaming...and I feel like I'm dreaming...

Went with Star Guitar and The State We're In. Both really powerful songs, and ones I come back to frequently. Recently heard The State played in the show This Is Going To Hurt which fit in perfectly for the scene as it did in Lost in Translation.

Remember attending a listening party for this a couple of days before release in Helsinki. Probably not the best way to first hear it, but remember it sounded great, if a bit of a disappointment after a trio of front to back perfect albums.

Agree on this being a sort of stop gap album for them in between eras. 

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