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Brief Moments in your lives!!! Also, show us your Pets Thread!!!

Started by Bosco, Feb 13, 2021, 11:19

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Two of my best friends entered a civil partnership last weekend, and instead of renting a fancy car to be driven to the venue where the big celebration was held, they rented a whole tram for all the guests from Vienna's public transport operator, with a special route which they set up, passing many locations in this city which hold some significance in their lives, while entertaining us guests with memories and anectotes about that locations throughout the ride. That certainly was a very unique and really fun event!

What a pretty gal Indiana is.

Age ain't no thang when you got doll eyes like that.

Long live the puppers!

I'm pretty sure that the forum wizards are hard at work behind the scenes to adapt the forum for the official news

Monday Morning, waking up. Fairly efficient in getting out of bed and preparing for another remote day of work. Go out the door to soothe addiction to bad coffee at local corporate owned chain with friendly staff I've gotten to know since buying my condo. Walk in to hear start of "Chico's Groove". Haven't heard chems ever on their playlist let alone the first song I've heard out in public after waking up. Chatted with supervisor for a minute while the song played. 

That's a wonderful way to start a Monday morning. Hope the rest of the work day is just as wonderful now that I have Exit Planet Dust on the turntable as I start work.
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
"We going up!" and then pogo for the stars
"why yes, yes you are crazy and I love you for it!" Whirly

Two months to go, travel plans for my vacation are slowly coming together. Heard that there might be a cool band playing in some city or other that's on my itinerary.
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You going to see the Beatles in Liverpool?  :o 
no idea, no idea

Stefan, if you don't mind me requesting, use the forum as your diary during this trip!

I bought a fancy drinking fountain for my cats, which both of them completely ignore of course, but one of them exactly fits in the stryrofoam packaging so it wasn't all for nothing

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Quote from: Stefan on Aug 26, 2023, 09:16
I bought a fancy drinking fountain for my cats, which both of them completely ignore of course, but one of them exactly fits in the stryrofoam packaging so it wasn't all for nothing

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And wow. The one behind is also super reminiscent of a new album artwork we've been seeing a lot of, huh?

Haha, that's great! Those containers are from IKEA and they are surely around 25 years old, because I'm sure we already had those when I was a kid.

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Ohhh. I "inherited" a bin from an ex-flatmate a long time ago. It's got a faded barcode sticker with a code underneath 567.568.95, 11819 - which is similar to the codes on those boxes. I guess this is from Ikea too...
Green & yellow stripes on my thing, orange and blue stripes on Stefan's thing. Now look to the right and left of this post. (EDIT: oh wait the background image has changed since I hit "post", so um, look at the home screen instead)


Made it to Glasgow yesterday, super excited about the show tonight!

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Allright, I said I'll try to write a bit about my trip to Scotland, finally found some time.

For reasons, my vacation started in Glasgow, and after arriving I walked through the city center a little bit. It's quite beautiful, though not as regal as Edinburgh. On the first full day I walked up to the Glasgow Nekropolis, the Autumn colours where perfect here! Then I had plans to visit the Kelvingrove Museum, but it was closed due to a strike, so I went on to my next spot on the list, the Hunterian Gallery nearby, which is housed in the impressive University Building, before getting dinner and heading back to my hotel to prepare for the Chems show.

On Friday, I got up early to catch the West Highland Train to Fort William. It's described as one of the most scenic train routes in the World, and I have to say it lived up to this promise! Quite soon after leafing Glasgow, you're treated with spectacular views of Loch Long, the Arrochar Alps, Rannoch Moor and lots of other lovely stunning places wich also probably have names. The landscapes are rolling hills and moutains with Lochs in between, and lots of streams. Also, bog, but that's difficult to capture from a moving train. One very funny thing: There basically aren't any large villages north after Loch Lomond, and before at least one stop was an announcement by the conductor: "This train will be longer than some platforms along the route". The train is two carriages long, btw.

Upon arrival at Fort Williams, which is the largest (?) city in the Highlands, I dropped off my luggage at my hotel and went back to my next mode of transport for the day, because my plan was to take a bus up to Mallaig , take a short walk in the surrounding Hills there, which should offer some nice views of the Isle Of Skye, and then take the last train back to Fort William in the evening. During planning my trip, I also toyed with the idea of even going up to Skye for a day, and while it was feasable, eventually I decided to focus this vacation on the Highlands (and Glasgow, Edinburgh, London) instead of trying to cram too much into too few days (same decicision with going to Loch Ness, Inverness and the Orkenys, which will have to wait for another trip). Unfortunately, there was a traffic jam due to a serious accident in the middle of nowhere on the small road to Mallaig, with the road completely blocked in both directions. The bus driver was on the phone with local authorities and was informed that it might take 2-4 hours until everything is cleared up. After being stuck on the bus for two hours, I decided to walk to the nearest train station (which fortunately wasn't that far) of the West Highland Line and catch the next train to Mallaig, wich would arrive there so that I could at least take a short stroll through this small fishing village before heading back to Fort William.
So this day wasn't exactly as planned, but I still had some great views of the Setting Sun at the sea.

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