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Record Store Day 2021

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The Chems just announced the release for the Record Store Day ;)

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What do you think? EBW13, Special EP, or another Single from No Geography
(I'll choose Eve of Destruction/Eve of Dubstruction with that beta of the track mix.)

Looks like they'll be a new Chemicals record put out for Record Store Day in June 2021 (first drop Saturday 12th June).

Not sure what though, it's TBC in the list.

Anyone care to speculate?

I suspect it'll likely a remix of something like last year's offerings, but I'm really hoping it's Don't Think seeing as it's not been previously released on vinyl.

If the listed label on the RSD website is any indicator, it’s ‘This is Not a Game’ from the Hunger Games soundtrack. Imperial/Republic are both offshoots of Universal, I think...

I wouldn't be surprised if it was any of their backstock from the last releases. Maybe the Avalanche remix or GTKO. Would be cool if it's something we haven't heard before, but Im thinking its something maybe related to an anniversary.

Avalanches was 2020, no?

I'm seeing EMI in the listing Here. Am I missing something re Imperial/Republic?

EDIT: I'm gonna guess at
1) Eve of Dubstruction/Destruction 12" single, or
2) Loops of Fury reissue.

EDIT 2: What would I actually like?
Extracts from Life of Galileo soundtrack and/or unreleased (unused & unheard) first version of Trespass Against Us soundtrack.


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