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Sometimes I Feel So Deserted Remixes

Started by Ben_j, Aug 15, 2015, 11:37

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Re the C2 Trigger remix of Deserted, I've just noticed something about the times.
The version I downloaded from Amazon was 9.50 (or 9.49 according to Discogs)

However the version in the video in my post above (see previous page) is about 10.22 long. And indeed according to the Discogs listing for CD2 of the Japan Tour edition it is timed at 10.22.

It seems to be mostly longer in the intro section, with the vocal coming in around 2.46 on the video above, as opposed to 2.30 on the download. And then on the end section where the track goes silent around 8.18 (short version) or 8.34 (longer version), I think the beats come back in quicker on the shorter version, and so the outro section is a bit shorter too.

I'm presuming that this 2CD BITE is therefore the first time that the 10.22 version of this track has been commercially available. Maybe y'all didn't notice 'cause you just ripped it from youtube.  :D

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