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I've been feeling rather sentimental for the excitement and speculation that came from the 2018 gigs so I figure with a now presumably clean slate it'd be fun to start that up!

My take:

TDTYF is an absolute given live of course, where it should end up in the setlist though is the question.

I feel moments like Hoops/DYOH and some of the newer visuals (especially later 2019) are a sign of especially major changes to come as well, in terms of visual/audience interaction, crazier imagery, and probably new interpretations of old work. With the unintentional gap from the No Geography tour and a looming 10th LP there could be some notable shakeups too

However with the pandemic there could be some scaling back, I theorized with a friend that Saturate could get scaled down or cut entirely due to the use of contact (the giant balloons). Would that leave for more light based work instead?

I leave the discussion to y'all now!

(P.S. give us The Universe Sent Me live please)

I hope for some live premieres, as well as the Live version of "The Darkness..."
But I dunno, where it could be placed in the set, maybe on the spot of the Gravity Drops right after the Star Guitar/Temptation?

The "I'll be lovin you" sample and that buildup would be as heavy for the audience, as the GTKO! with some nice visuals starting from the complete darkness, slowly showing the pictures of rising sun, the blooming flowers, the buttefly coming out of the cocon, or something in the style of the actual music video, with Dancing people, or... AND LISTEN TO THIS:

And oh god, go back to the Free Yourself transition into MAH, and put the Chemical Beats after it, not in the middle, as it feels out of place being placed between FY and MAH


--- Quote from: hstn on Jul 01, 2021, 00:35 ---TDTYF is an absolute given live of course, where it should end up in the setlist though is the question.

--- End quote ---

They should play it right after No Geography. BPMs are almost a match, plus gives off some great energy before the first break of the show. The crowd will be buzzing till T and E get back on the stage.

Rehashing stuff I've already have complained about, but hoping (not expecting) that Star Guitar is saved from the Temptation vocal intro that they used over the past few tours. I love both songs, but the green eyes/blue eyes/grey eyes modulated bit doesn't sound good, and a bit too on the nose for my liking.

The Temptation instrumental to Star Guitar segue from way back, now that's a gem!

i love the 2002 temptation / star guitar. but i mean, i think the non-modulated temptation vocal samples are lovely


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