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Best remixes OF the Chemical Brothers

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A post on the forum FB page mentioning someone's favourite remix of a Chems track got me thinking: There have been a couple of independent compilations of remixes by the Chems, but what about remixes of the Chems?
Has anyone ever improved on a Chemical production, or would that be considered blasphemy? Is there a Chemical track you've listened to and thought: "Hmm, this could do with a good remix by...Scooter! or... Swedish House Mafia!" ?  ;)

I don't think this subject has been covered during my time on the forum. So I had a browse through Discogs and compiled my own favourite top 10 remixes of Chems tracks.
I didn't agree with the favourite choice mentioned on FB, so equally I suspect many of you won't agree with my choices. Let the arguments begin (if anyone cares)!

In very rough order of liking:

1 The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Extended mix)
2 HBHG (Soulwax)
3 Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Skream)
4 Swoon (Boys Noize Summer mix)
5 Wide Open (Kolsch)
6 Go (Special Request Basement mix)
7 Star Guitar (Pete Heller Expanded mix)
8 Battle Scars (Beyond The Wiazards Sleeve)
9 Got To Keep On (Riton)
10 HBHG [again] (KiNK)

What no Sasha? What no Bloody Beetroots? (I actually don't like the Bloody Beetroots remix of Dissolve but I may be in the minority on that one).

I was tempted to include the Secret Psychedelic mix of Let Forever Be, but I decided to keep it to "outside" remixers rather than Chems remixing Chems. I'm also therefore, excluding live versions.

I reckon some of the top 5 on my list could be considered as good as the original (or maybe even better?) ::Ducks for cover::

Horse Power (Popof Remix)
Sounds like a type of mashup between HBHG and HP and I love it  :music :music

I like the H Foundation Remix of Come With Us. And i really love the Brookes Brothers Remix of Shinichi Osawa's version of Star Guitar.

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--- Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on Sep 23, 2021, 10:51 ---Is there a Chemical track you've listened to and thought: "Hmm, this could do with a good remix by...Scooter! or... Swedish House Mafia!" ?  ;)

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Akufen doing a remix of Not Another Drugstore, that would be sweet

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I haven't been a huge fan of many remixes by other artists, not because I think it's blasphemous or anything like that, there just aren't a ton that I really dig. I also don't think I'd consider any of these an improvement on the originals, but the ones listed here are standouts and I listen to them as often as the originals. In no particular order:

Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas)
Life is Sweet (Daft Punk)
The Boxer (The DFA)
Battle Scars (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve)
The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson)
Out of Control / Surrender to Love (Avalanches) *could split these up and they'd still both be included here


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