We Are the Night

2022, July 9th - Sonic Park - Bologna

Started by Conn6orsuper117, Jul 10, 2022, 18:14

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Don't see alot of coverage about this since there's alot of footage on youtube right now


Good quality version of the Setting Sun (this segment hits SO HARD :music )

Looks like the encore is once again a festival keeper
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This Three Little Birdy Setting Sun Beats re-imagination remix is rad. More of that appoach, please!!

Side note: As I'm typing this, Gotta Keep On is being played in a German show about travelling.. ;)
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Just a thought...

That video compilation clip cuts out Chemical Beats in between HBHG and Dreaming, and it almost sounds like it works really well, or at least it could.

I wonder what it would sound like if Chemical Beats was shifted to another part of the set?

I get chills everytime I hear that new track. Damn, boys.

the chemical brothers are outdoing themselves EVERYTIME

And I feel like I'm dreaming...and I feel like I'm dreaming...

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