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Hey guys I'm doing a school presentation on the chemical brothers and I would like to ask a fan a few questions if that's okay.

There are so many fans here: fans from the new era, fans of the 90s, fans of it all, and people who range from casual to die hard. Some people focus on the live stuff and others haven't seen them live. Let us know what you are looking for. I think people will respond if you ask the questions here, or at least provide a sample of what info you want to discuss.

I'm more than happy to answer some questions! I'm not the most experienced fan but certainly a big one!

Hi everyone sorry to intrude my trying to speak to someone with first hand experience of the band for a school project that I need to have in by tommorrow, have only just found this forum, apparently the teacher gives us this band to set us up to fail so it would be great if someone can answer my questions.  it 21.44 in th UK right now and I have to have this done by 09.30 tomorrow morning so sorry for the late notice

Thank you


Where are your questions then?


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