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2023/06/21 - Live at Musgrave Park, Ireland (Rescheduled)

Started by gfa2001, Oct 07, 2022, 11:37

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Quote from: hstn on Jun 24, 2023, 00:32

sounds like those were the vocals from the end of get up on it like this!!
Yeah you're right, just didnt sound good (IMO)

Also you can hear in your video how loud the kick was in No Reason, Im all for BASSSS but that was too much
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I was there.  I wasn't even a big Chemical Brothers fan, knew about 7 or 8 of the bigger hits but that was about it.  Was really going to tick a box, had seen a lot of the big 90s/00s dance/electronic acts, 808 State, Orbital, Underworld, The Prodigy, Faithless etc. 

I thought it was amazing.  I'm almost finding it hard to move on from it!  Have spent the last few days listening through all the back catalogue, watching countless videos, going to see them again in Dublin in November.

Hi and welcome, @Conor74!

Such a joy to read you had a great time there experiencing their show for the first time which kindled your Chemical curiousness to boot. Hope you're enjoying your trip through their catalogue and discover the unique sound of theirs that has infected so many of us here over the years.

I guess we'd all be very interested in the view and perspective of a "fresh pair of ears" who's new to all of this.

Also, may I ask how you found this place?
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Quote from: Csar on Jun 26, 2023, 18:58
I guess we'd all be very interested in the view and perspective of a "fresh pair of ears" who's new to all of this.

Also, may I ask how you found this place?

I'm coming up on 50.  My wife and I studied in Cork 30 years ago, we liked pubbing and clubbing in the 90s and into the 00s.  But life moves on, we live in the country, kids came along in the 10s, so our social life changed.  And like many my age, my ideas on music were "fixed".  I don't listen to much new music, I'm more likely to haul out the Orb or Underworld.  And always thought the Chemical Brothers just weren't my thing, probably because hits like Setting Sun, Block Rocking Beats etc. were not "dancey" enough on one hand, nor ambient on the other.

Even after buying the tickets, we thought about skipping it, Cork is 90 minutes away, had to get a babysitter etc.  But friends of ours were going so we said we'd make the effort.  We were such novices that on the drive up we were googling the setlist and hearing songs like Go and Got to Keep On for the first time...which probably sounds odd to fans here.  But we both agreed that it was beginning to sound like we had missed out on lots of really solid dance hits.  And obviously the concert itself was just amazing, I don't have to tell fans here what it's like. 

But the other thing that struck me was the crowd.  Looking around, lots of 40 somethings, some a little the worse for wear, some squeezed into gear that possibly fitted better 20 years ago.  Sure, we all had a few more wrinkles and grey hairs, but clearly everyone was there for fun.  If you caught someone's eye there was no "what you looking at" aggro, more likely a smile, a thumbs up, a camaraderie.  I had completely forgotten the whole 90s dance music vibe, it was really great to see it still lives on.

As for finding this place, after all the fun of Wednesday I figured...I need to find people who know all this, who have known it for years while I overlooked it.  Plus I hoped there would be videos of the Cork gig to help me relive the night!

The mix of ages there was AMAZING! 

There were the old ravers reliving the 90's (probably also reliving what they took in the 90's) the teenagers also enjoying chemicals and people with their kids, teenagers on their own. All having their faces melted by the pure euphoria of a Chems gig! 

Glad to hear you're coming to the Dublin show, it's gonna be a big one! 
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Welcome, @Conor74 and thank you so much for coming here and sharing your experience! Loving everything you said! :music
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