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World Cup Qatar 2022

Started by Bosco, Nov 18, 2022, 20:27

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So that's 4 finals in the last 7 world cups for France, that's a pretty impressive statistic.

Morocco were pretty good, I hope they get the 3rd place against Croatia

Quote from: ThePumisher on Dec 14, 2022, 16:52

The reality was much different. There were no major incidents in Paris. Most people who were arrested were far right activists. There was a tragedy in Montpellier though, a kid got ran over by a car.

I don't know how people from other countries perceive these kind of incidents, I feel like they think the whole of Paris is a war zone, it's really nothing like that. It's always concentrated to a few areas. Where I live it was peaceful, there were a few fireworks and honking at the end of the game, nothing more.

Third, again.
Not bad for a country with less than 4 million people, that played only 6 world cup and won 2 bronze and one silver.
Let's see who will win tomorrow. 
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Man, what a game. We came close to a humiliation with no shots at the goal, but Mbappe did not disappoint.

I'm gutted by the end result, but penaltys are a lottery :(

I had the finale playing in the background while fixing some sushi for a friend's birthday and I must say it was quite exciting (usually not a big sports guy, and then the  Quatar controversy). What a surprising turnaround when France shot their goals so quickly one after another. Nicely done under this kind of pressure.
Even though it's a bit lame to win any game on penalties but the audience certainly got their tickets' worth.
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The match was pure suffering, but we are champions! It is the happiest day of my life, seeing Messi with the world cup is priceless  ;D ;D

I have to hand it to the France, after 80 minutes with no shot at goal and managing to turn it around in last 10 minutes was something to behold. 

Intense game. Pity it ended with penalties. 
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

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