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Started by Ben_j, Sep 01, 2015, 21:17

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(how long would have I held without opening this topic here ::) )

Peugeot just revealed a new concept car, the Fractal, and asked Amon Tobin to do the sound design for the car. This goes from the sound the car will do when driving to warn pedestrians about its presence (in a few years, electric cars will have to emit sound for safety reasons), to sound design inside the car going with actions such as turning left or right or warning about a danger. I think the idea to get Amon Tobin for this is just brilliant ! Obviously it's the fanboy speaking, but I can't think of a better choice for this kind of sound design.

Anyone not familiar with his music, do yourself a favour and get to it :


Ben_j, Amon Tobin evangelist
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you forgot the rest of the "Bricolage," "Permutation,' and "Supermodified" albums.  And "Bloodstone."  ;)

Quote from: Born In Planet Dust on Sep 02, 2015, 04:22

you forgot the rest of the "Bricolage," "Permutation,' and "Supermodified" albums.  And "Bloodstone."  ;)
It was just meant to be an introduction with (some of) my favourite tracks for anyone who would not know his music ;)

I uploaded a few vids from the ISAM Live DVD. Just a reminder of how awesome this show was :)

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After years of begging for an ISAM Live 2.0 video, Ninja Tune and Amon Tobin delivered ! And for free !
Arguably the best audiovisual show of the last few years.

New track, part of the gigantic Touched 3 compilation, that regroups new tracks from 417 electronic music artists :

It's obviously using the modular synth gear that Amon has been teasing on Facebook and Twitter and it's very experimental. I hope he brings a bit more musicality to the new album though :P

Some news from Mr. Tobin :

A new remix for Noisia

An unreleased track that I managed to grab from a Ninja Tune sampler album:

Yet another unreleased track

Amon Tobin recently did a set with his Buchla synth with visual artist Ash Bolland called Audio Creatures in which they projected onto Sydney Opera House's sails and turned them into various creatures. Mr. Tobin is now giving away a half hour worth of his modular noodlings for free download in 24/48 M4A files...

Grab 'em here...

Watch the performance here...

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One day of teasing, Tom and Ed should learn something here :D

A new album has been announced for "early 2019" 😁 And some DJ sets have also been announced for March, so far two dates in France and one in the UK

Eight or over.

There's a new Two Fingers track at 40:00.
And new Amon Tobin music should be there soon, apparently :)

This appeared on the online store Junodownload and was pulled shortly after, but still appears in Google search results...

Release date: April 26th, 2019
Label: Nomark

01 On A Hilltop Sat The Moon (3:36) 76 BPM
02 Vipers Follow You (4:18) 100 BPM
03 Freeformed (3:09) 87 BPM
04 Pale Forms Run By (4:50) 74 BPM
05 Heart Of The Sun (3:22) 75 BPM
06 Velvet Owl (7:47) 61 BPM
07 Fooling Alright (3:12) 80 BPM
08 Milk Millionaire (2:13) 65 BPM
09 Three Different Hat Sizes (3:55) 86 BPM
10 Dark As Dogs (4:19) 77 BPM

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The first title from the new album is out ! It's pretty different from his old stuff and marks even more the gap between his Amon Tobin stuff and his Two Fingers stuff.

But there's more. Amon also launched his own label, Nomark. The website lists 4 unknown artists and a bunch of unknown releases that may or may not be new aliases for Amon.
The artists page: (,with new names "Only Child Tyrant", "Figueroa", "Stone Giants" and "PaperboY"

The releases page:

My theory is that they are all new Amon Tobin aliases and that the releases that look alike are each from one of these new identities.

☮︎ feeling this album ☮︎
Eight or over.

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