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Started by Joslyn, Feb 17, 2023, 07:00

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The remixes above are decent, Ewan McVicar one is pretty unimaginative to be honest, he just took the track and threw some breakbeats under it. On the other end of the scale, the OFlynn one sounds like a track he had produced some time ago and sprinkled some of the No Reason samples through it.

To summarise I dont know what I want in a remix
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The Friday Guest Mix by George Fitzgerald on 6 Music right now features the O'Flynn remix


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no idea, no idea

Quote from: Enjoyed on May 19, 2023, 01:22
They're both very short. And I'm not entirely sure why?
I have news: there's a 5:05 length 'club mix' of this new one on Beatport. Ok I know, not really much longer.

Quote from: Enjoyed on May 19, 2023, 01:22
...the 1994 remix, which, while capturing that rough'n'ready rave feel, doesn't feel especially exciting to me. It reminded me of a few tracks on the TSHA fabric presents compilation (did we throughthrow[?] her name in there for a possible remix?)...
Yes we did!

Quote from: Enjoyed on May 19, 2023, 01:22
...why we may not collectively care as much about the remixes these days... It's because they feel entirely label driven and generally not very exciting. We're also (most of us at least) a little older now.
Well I'm older than you and I'm therefore old enough to remember CD singles in the early 90s that had six or seven different remixes. I reckon a lot of those were label driven back then. Mind you, I will admit that I ignored/shrugged off a lot of the remixes that I didn't like unless they were remixes of one of my favourite artists.

Quote from: Enjoyed on May 19, 2023, 01:22
Not to sound all 'it-was-better-in-my-day', but I really believe it was. I'm not at an age now where I'm going to go dive into the work of O'Fynn just because he did a remix of The Chems.

Whereas I think it's easer now than it was "back in the day". You can just hop on to YouTube or Spotify and skip/jump through stuff without having to buy things or trawl through record shops.

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So if a remix isn't knocking my socks off, or isn't by someone I'm already aware of and enjoy, it's likely to fall to the wayside along with most of the remixes post WATN (I did enjoy the Riton remix of GTKO, and The Avalanches journey, for what it's worth).

I feel that there have always been good and bad remixes. I can think of lots of 'early' remixes of the Chems that didn't especially float my boat. As much as I love Underworld and Sabres of Paradise, their remixes of Leave Home didn't do it for me - which disappinted me as I was already 'into' both acts when those remixes came out in '95. However post-WATN I can think of a number of great remixes of the Chems: Swoon (Boys Noize), SIFSD (Skream), Wide Open (all the official remixes!), HBHG (KiNK), TDTYF (HAAi). And even the above Ewan McVicar remix turned out more fun than I expected.

Quote from: Enjoyed on May 19, 2023, 01:22
Especially when a lot of them reek of "uh... hey... you... you wanna do a quick remix of [insert Chemical single] so we can continue posting about it on social media for a few months, because everyone's attention span is completely shot these days? Yeah? Cool! Oh. Good? No, no, don't worry, it doesn't have to be the best thing you've ever done, it's more of a functionality, y'know?" 
This made me chuckle. A little cynical but thanks for the laugh. I actually feel that remixes have long been comissioned for less-than virtuous-reasons; back in '84 Frankie Goes To Hollywood kept Two Tribes at No 1 in the UK charts by releasing new remixes week after week after week - which you had to BUY on 12" - and people did! Ker-ching!

I think there will always be good and bad when it comes to remixes. Some remixers will just 'gel' with a track more than others. And even when it's done for commercial reasons, little gems can sometimes arise. Bring on the TSHA remix! (I hope).

Lol! Thanks for correcting my spelling!
I was taking a break from work to catch up with The Forum and I guess I should have spent a little more time proof reading.

Fair points all around.
My counter to it being easier to access remixes nowadays - skip through them, here them on the go, is that the 'magic' of them being released is significantly diminished. As Pumisher said, they tend to be sprinkled like crumbs (scraps!?) between official releases and they just don't carry as much weight as they used to when they were all packaged together - for me at least.

I do agree that not all the older remixes are all that great. But I still listen to releases in their entirety, so if I pop on American EP because I want a studio quality recording of Star Guitar live from back in 2002, I'll be listening to the H-Foundation remix (still great!) and Trisco's remix (still meh). Similarly, I'll pop on my $1 copy of the Astralwerks Star Guitar single and listen to both Heller remixes. It's all part of the experience (again, sounding old but whatever!). I don't Spotify much, and I only download music when I have Amazon digital credit, or it's Bandcamp Friday. So the idea of a standalone No Reason (O'Flynn Remix) digital single just doesn't scratch that same magical itch. Unless again, as other have said, it's a remix by someone I already enjoy (I did download all of Confidence Man's remixes, to bring up another topic we've been on different ends of!)

Anywho. Always down to listen to remixes, but will remain unlikely to get overly excited unless the artist is someone I follow, or I'm completely enamoured with the original (I like No Reason, but it's not Star Guitar. On the flipside, I love Profound Mysteries and actively seek out remixes of those tracks when they release).

Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on May 19, 2023, 12:41
I have news: there's a 5:05 length 'club mix' of this new one on Beatport.
Thanks, great news!

The HAAi TDTYF remix is fantastic i must say, arguably better than the original imo
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NR becomes my new Galvanize: Live it's a banger but i won't listen to this otherwise as much as it may deserved
no idea, no idea

We're holding a ChemBros endorsed give away of "No Reason" on 12" over on our Discord server!

Hit the link if you want in/want more details!
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Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on May 18, 2023, 23:09
Well thanks for replying, folks. Even if you don't like the remix, I think it's interesting to hear what Chems fans think whenever there's something new like this.

And now on to the next one!

No Reason (O'Flynn Remix)

So it's another short one. Almost like a dreamy dub-strumental. If it weren't for the "woos" I'm not sure I would have recognised this as No Reason. It's pleasant enough and it might work in a warm-up mix, or a late night mix. Doesn't feel essential though.
My problem with this one is that it could easily pass as the O'Flynn's song.
It's really nice, but doesn't work that much as the remix for me. 
Wish it used much more from the vocal sample.

The same case as Breakage remix of Orbital's Ringa Ringa
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?

ID Track ? 11.04 min  and  19.09 min

Słucham THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS od 1995 roku .

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Quote from: wrclaguna on Jun 13, 2023, 15:34
ID Track ? 11.04 min  and  19.09 min
So you've come to the thread about No Reason and asked about two tracks that aren't No Reason.
You are confusing me, Mr Laguna!

Anyway the first one at 11:04 is the one we've been calling the "Warped pop/rock track" in the DJ threads (under Live) since we first heard it in 2021.
The second one at 19:09 is the one we've been calling "Big Beat Space Gospel" in the DJ threads since it first got played at Amnesia Ibiza in October 2022. Click this and press play on Julieta Torno's instagram clip- where you get over six minutes of the track.

You might like to have a good look through the DJ set threads for the new Chems tracks we've been spotting.

Quote from: wrclaguna on Jun 13, 2023, 15:34
ID Track ? 11.04 min  and  19.09 min

Glad it's also being useful to the community  ::))

Going back to the main topic. I've been super addicted to No Reason, and I have to confess it is mostly due to the intro synth, it's constantly playing on my head every day. :L They changed it a bit live as it starts high pitched, then it slowly builds from there. They also added a lot of reverb as you can hear in the video which makes it even better  :Cray

The album version of 'No Reason' is 4:52 and longer than the Extended Version from Beatport (4:38)

I've played the full album until the proverbial wax melted, and in the last 24 hours, I've had the extended versions of Skipping Like A Stone and Live Again on repeat. So, I decided to revisit the Ewan McVair '1994' Remix of No Reason: we like what we like, but I think you guys may have been a little harsh. I really enjoy it, and suggest that perhaps a re-listen is in order now that the full album has been released.

Although, I do agree with @Wolkenkrabber that this track invokes more of a 91/92-ish vibe than 1994, but a quick search indicates McVair was born in 1994. I'll give him a pass.


I'm enjoying remixes by young people born after the rave era. I don't typically think of music in a linear sense like that, but now that I have, I'm not sure if that makes me feel old or young.
Uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

Quote from: satur8 on Sep 24, 2023, 20:12
Although, I do agree with @Wolkenkrabber that this track invokes more of a 91/92-ish vibe than 1994, but a quick search indicates McVair was born in 1994. I'll give him a pass.
It's defo somewhere between that 91-94 (There are some massive vibes of the first two Prodigy albums) my fav remix from the one's we've got so far, my vibes
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?

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