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2015 - Apple Music Festival - Roundhouse - London - September 24th

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So earlier today @ChemBros prematurely (presumably) tweeted a link confirming a headlining show on September 24th at the Roundhouse London as a part of the Apple Music Festival. The link also included details that said "streaming live". It is now gone obviously...

Um, egg-cite?

EDIT (...4 hours later):

Did you click any of the links when the text sent? Right now brings me to an iTunes download page. I think it's supposed to link to a related Apple Music Festival app but it's not detecting that I have iTunes.

The second link seems to be a url of the deleted tweet itself.

OOOOHHH! I've been to some good itunes gigs there in previous years (Primal Scream, Vampire Weekend,  Elbow, Paul Simon, Placebo).
The iTunes Festival used to be every day for a whole month but this year it has been renamed the Apple Music Festival and it's just ten gigs. They already announced four of them (One Direction, Disclosure, Pharrell, Florence & The Machine), but not the rest. Will keep an eye out!

How it works: Once you are logged in to itunes, you need to go to the itunes store and look for the 'festival' banner at the top. Click on the banner to win a pair of tickets (no more). You cannot buy tickets.
You can't really buy tix on the black market either, as you have to bring photo ID that matches the "winning" name for the tickets.

I'm away on holiday when this is on and I am very grumpy about it.

You can watch these gigs on live stream incidentally. You can usually watch them back afterwards too on the itunes store/site. And sometimes the whole gig ends up on Youtube:
Tweet is back up.


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