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Tom interview on NPR's World Cafe

Started by Csar, Nov 08, 2023, 10:24

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Tom did an interview on NPR's World Cafe yesterday (~25min):

Quote from: Tom
"I always like to come to the studio — it's like it's a place where you get to play around, have fun, make magic, make something happen. I know it's a corny thing to say, but I still see the studio as this place where you can walk in with nothing and come out transformed. I suppose that transformative thing of music — the creation of music and listening to music, and how it moves you and what it does to you — is the reason we keep coming back to it."

May this fire never die and they'll keep getting to that studio for many more years to come!
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This was an enjoyable interview and a peek into the emotions they're getting at during their process. Love these insights into their time in the studio!
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