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2024/ 02/ 1st,2nd, and 3rd LIVE @ Tokyo Garden 東京庭園 - Tokyo, Japan 東京、日本

Started by Bosco, Jan 05, 2024, 08:38

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Quote from: chemdup on Feb 13, 2024, 22:41
If any of you follow me on instagram you'll have seen my Chems show spam from Tokyo. The shows were all amazing, the crowds in Japan are something special, spoke to Tom after the Saturday night show and he said they love the crowds in Japan because they are so attentive and involved in the music, they pick up on the little nuances that most crowds don't, and they really appreciate every band that makes the long journey to play for them. I'd have to say they were the 3 best shows I've seen recently because of the crowd.
Totally agree about the crowds in Japan. Was lucky enough to go to FujiRock in 2019 and always said I'd go to Japan again if Tom and Ed announced more gigs there. Went to the Friday and Saturday shows in Tokyo and both nights had the most amazing atmospheres. The crowds are just so up for it. That Saturday night show in particular was up there as one of the best Chem gigs I've ever been to. Had simply the best week in Tokyo. If they ever go again, I'll be there.

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